Sunday, December 4, 2016

Letters Are Now a Thing of The Past

I remember before computers and emails there was something called writing letters. Receiving a letter was a joy to the person getting it and when one letter arrived we were delighted and we couldn't wait to open them. I remember receiving up to 3 or 4 letters every week. I was so happy for a letter to arrive that 3 or 4 letters a week was a joy beyond measure. I would take the time to read each letter well and I would save them for Sunday to sit and answer them all. Those letters were not a paragraph long, but they were 3 or 4 pages long. It was all about a person's week of chores, responsibilities, work, family updates, the news of expecting new baby, engagement or upcoming wedding; and sometimes these letters were filled with photographs so we could see and feel the joy of each moment that occurred in this person's life. At the end of every letter there was a signature filled with many oxoxoxox's (for love and kisses) followed by their name with a designed heart signifying how much they loved us. 

Every letter that arrived was felt, some brought tears to our eyes and a smile that touched the heart of the reader...unfortunately this beautiful touching moment that we all yearned to feel between two people ended when computers and cell phones entered the world.  Now emails and texting pulls us apart from one another and emojies is all we sometimes get. 

 Our emotions were robbed from us, our tears are now dried up, our feeling were removed and our connection to that loving person on the other side evaporated before our eyes. We now look like zombies moving our fingers faster than a speeding bullet and we are missing the beauty of the world around us because our heads are looking at a screen and not at each other.

Just like those vintage letters stopped coming in, so will our lives without capturing the essence of what life is all about....the joy of loving one another. 

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  1. I've started journaling with a pen and it feels so different than computering. Also I don't have to worry about losing the file, the paper journal will outlast computers which when we update them sometimes won't read our old files...