Sunday, February 16, 2014

Best Calling Ever

I have been a primary teacher now for 3 years in a row. I used to be a primary president back in 1986 and since this is my 3th time teaching in primary since my presidency release, I do know how this program works.
Unfortunately,  for some reason this last year I felt exhausted, drained and tired of teaching in primary. I began to pray for answers and I even considered asking the Bishop to release me from my calling. But something inside me said don' I didn't.
This year I continued teaching the same class I had been teaching for the past 2 years. I thought I would have a new class this year with new children but I didn't. As I prayed intensely for guidance and help to teach these precious children with truth & knowledge, I began to feel the need to fulfill my calling even though I felt they were not learning. The amazing thing about teaching this year is that my manual changed and this new manual allows me to prepare my lessons how ever I want as long as I teach the subject assigned that week and that I only use the scriptures, church videos, the friend magazine and voice church recordings along with gospel pictures given to me with the manual. 
This new technique gave me the opportunity to expand on the subject in a greater scale. So with intensive prayer every week and with creative ways to teach each lesson, I began to seriously teach these children using truth & knowledge. 
So I put on my whole armor of God and I began my teaching career in it 100%.
Our first lesson this year was on the Plan of Salvation, so on my first lesson I made the plan on a poster board just like the one below.

I taught them each step of the Plan of Salvation with scriptures and colorful illustrations. They ate it all up. This lesson lasted 3 weeks in a row. I made sure they understood everything very well and on the last lesson they each got to make their very own Plan of Salvation poster, which they truly LOVED making!
The Plan of Salvation board  is to be used throughout the entire year since each lesson refers to the plan. So they should have the entire Plan of Salvation completely memorized by next I thought.
These children learned the plan so well in three weeks,  that just by me asking them a question on the plan they all would raise their hands eager to answer the questions and they are all correct too. When this happened for the first time I thought... wait a second, lets see how well they know this plan. So I kept asking them one question after another and they knew all the answers.
My eyes swelled up with tears and my heart did too. I knew I was doing things right. I had taught them the plan so well that they had memorized it and what a great feeling that was...I felt blessed and I knew I had to be in primary, God needed me there.
Some of the children told me that their parents let them teach their family home evening that following Monday after they took home their plan of salvation poster.
As I drove home that day I began to thank my Father in Heaven for the knowledge He had blessed me with, for the gospel He had planned so perfectly, for calling me as a primary teacher, for His love and for hearing my prayers.
There is no greater call than to teach with truth and knowledge.


  1. I love teaching also but I teach RS-a little easier in some ways but a challenge none the less...

  2. I loved having you as a teacher in primary, it was just a "few" years ago. Don't worry, you may think they are not learning, but they are picking up the important parts!
    Love ya, Millie

  3. I loved having you as a primary teacher. That was just a "few" years ago. Don't worry, it may seem like they are not learning anything, but I assure you, they are picking up on the important parts.
    Love ya, Millie.

  4. I do like this chart but I feel like there is something missing on it. There is no mention of becoming more like Jesus on the straight and narrow path. Good works are mentioned but being loving is truly one of the most important "things" we can be doing on our journey towards God.

  5. I am unable to see well because of bleeding in my eye. Its very hard for me to do lots of research for my lessons because reading the computer is so hard.
    I teach 12-13 yr olds in Sunday School and love your plan of Salvation lesson. Can i get a copy from you?

    1. Bobby & Cindy, the main thing I did was that I acted out each lesson myself and I sometimes involved the children in the play. I also taught after much prayer, and with truth & knowledge. Besides all this I made a poster for all my lessons bringing the lesson to life with pictures, quotes from the prophets using songs to go with these lessons. Be creative and be yourself and I know you will do well. Pray a lot for guidance and creativity and read your lesson and read the scriptures assigned for the lesson, this way you can receive lots of divine intervention & ideas. Thank you for stopping by. Any questions I am always here to help.

  6. Do you mind if I use your poster on the Plan of Salvation in my Sunday lesson? You did a great job!

    1. Miss Marti it is a church poster, but I do not mind if you copy cam find it in the church website or you can order the poster from