Friday, January 19, 2018


Integrity is the highest honor bestowed to any individual who is full of grace. Their character shines before others like a beaming light. Integrity shows the individuals character and trust. For those who have it, it is an admirable feature that shines before others. These people are honest, compassionate, full of high values, immense love for who they are, what they stand for and they highly care for the well being of others. But most of all they are highly favored by God. 

A man full of integrity is all he needs to show who he is, a child of the highest. 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Blessing of Having A Son

My son Billy is one of my hero's and a person I truly admire and look up to. He is one of the sweetest, loving and caring people you'll ever want to meet. He is a respectful, well mannered and a man full of integrity. According to his daughters he is the best dad ever. Billy always makes sure his little girls are well taken care of and he happily devotes much of his time to their every need. So here are some photos of my son.

This is my son  Billy and I at my cousin's wedding 1998

Our Puerto Rico trip 1989 before Sammy (my baby boy) passed away.

Billy and I as a toddler in Puerto Rico...1973.

As a little boy, Billy loved chasing the roosters and ducks throughout my grandmother's backyard. He would often disappear from the house and we would find him under the mango trees eating all the mango's that had fallen to the ground.

He loved to grab the ducks

He was a cute & cuddly child and even though he is now all grown up he hasn't lost his loving ways. Every time he is around us, we always get lots of hugs & kisses.

A return missionary and a Priesthood Holder.

I love you Billy.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Christmas Photos

Happy New Year my peeps.

It was a very nice holiday here at home. My son, my grand-daughters and I had a great time. I also received some photos from my brother of my dad and my stepmother.

I hope you all had a great time with your loved ones.

Natalia, Paloma, and Nana

My beautiful son and grandma (my mom)

Grandma and her baby chicks

My dad and his wife Mona (my second mom)

My dad has aged but I love him so much and he sure looked like Santa Claus while wrapping Christmas gifts.

Having fun at Nana's house



She was stuffed and tired that she had to take a nap. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Upcoming Surgery for the New Year

Well, Christmas is over and the new year is bringing much-needed rest. I have been on the go for the last three months now without no rest. And to top it off my right rotator cuff needs some repairing this upcoming year. 

I am scheduled for surgery on Feb. 23rd to repair my right rotator cuff and to clean out a large number of calcium deposits and arthritis spores that has accumulated around the shoulder joint.

Here are some calcium spores under the cuff

And this is a photo of how my shoulder will end up with the incisions.

It has been very painful but I am also dreading the recovery time (8 weeks) and the physical therapy that is very painful too....thank God for pain medications. I guess my resting time is while convalescing

So my New Year is already in progress.

Have a great weekend, just don't celebrate too much...enjoy.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Creative Christmas Trees from Puerto Rico

Here are 12 beautiful Christmas trees from my island of Puerto Rico. 
Some of the trees do not have lights because the island is still suffering from no electricity due to Hurricane Maria. But the Christmas spirit is alive in our hearts and it does not dim our joy due to the lack of electricity.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Emergency Preparedness--72 hour Survival Kit

Here is the list of the items you will need for a 72-hour emergency survival kit. This list of need is set up to be done for every survival kit made per person:
All of these are essential items necessary for every survival backpack.


Copies of important documents needed for each bag:

-Living will
-Healthcare living will & Power of attorney papers
-Car titles
-Social Security cards & birth certificate
-Marriage or divorce papers

-Life insurance policies
-House mortgage & home insurance papers
-Health care insurance policies
-Car title, homeowners, Apt. or house rental insurance policies

-All cemetery papers & plot deeds
with identifying plot registration numbers  

-Funeral Home “planning” papers 
-Funeral programs

-Health insurance cards
-A list of doctors names, address & phone no.
-Personal health lists with recent surgeries, allergies, and illnesses you suffer from.
-Lists of medicines you take & any important medical results papers with diagnosis should be included

-Name of banks & account numbers with other names in authority to write checks, withdraw and deposit in your name with passwords with 6 withdraw & 6 deposit slips

Credit Cards
-A list of all your credit cards names, addresses, phone & account numbers with passwords
and included in this list is some cash and 2 credit cards to use when needed 

Items to store in your 2-hour kits:

(1) backpack, a travel bag, duffel bag or carry on bag…either one is fine. 
(1) rubber yoga mat or sleeping bag liner can be used to prevent moister from settling under your sleeping bag.
(1) all season duo temperature resistance sleeping bag 
(1) flat sheet & 1 warm blanket
(4) bungee cords (2 small & 2 large)
(1) 25ft. heavy duty rope
(2) small light tying cords and 2 thin ropes
(3) large trash bags and 3 small ones
(10) twisty ties
(3) small & 3 large Ziploc baggies
(1) package of moist baby wipes
(1) bottle of purifying water drops or tablets
(1) small carrying case with 4 cough drops, 4 hard candy & 4 gum sticks or mints
(1) sharp slicing knife & (1) small sharp cutting knife
(1) carrying lantern
(1) large sharp scissors & 1 small sharp scissors 
(1) large flashlight and 1 small one with 2 extra packs of batteries for each
(4) rescue flares
(1) small portable transistor radio with extra batteries or crank radio with cell phone adapter included.
***Do not forget to add extra batteries for all your devices

Personal needs
(1) pair of hair cutting scissors
(1) large & 1 small hair comb
(1) hair brush and several hair accessories
(4) small packs of facial tissues
(6 to 8) women’s feminine napkins
(1) small bottle of shampoo & conditioner
(1 or 2 ) chap-stick or lip balm
(1) small bottle of body lotion
 (1) small bottle of petroleum jelly 
 (1) small bottle of moisturizing face cream
(1) pair of tweezers
(1) nail & toe clipper
(1) small body powder
 (1) small deodorant
(1 or 2) small cans of shaving cream
(1) pack of 3 razors
(10) Q-tips
(1) toothbrush & 1 small toothpaste
(1) small dental floss
(10) toothpicks
(3) small travel bath soaps or 1 large one with carrying case 
(1) handheld fan
(1) small sewing kit with all sewing accessories & 4 buttons
(2) change of underclothes
(1) change of clothes
(2) toilet paper rolls
(1) small fold able umbrella
(1 or 2) rain ponchos
(1) baseball cap
(1 or 2 ) small sanitizing gel
(1) small bottle of eye drops
 (1) small bottle of allergy relief nose spray
(1) entertainment musical instrument
(example: a small harmonica)
(1) set of extra reading glasses
(1) a small set of the standard works
(1) reading book 
(1) pen, (1) pencil & sharpener, (1) black sharpie pen
(1) small diary or notebook
(1) small notepad

1. Make sure the food you put in your emergency kits are lightweight…example, instead of tuna cans, buy tuna in a pouch and do the same for dried fruit, meats, pasta, rice and any heavier foods. Pouches or bags are lighter to carry than cans.
2. Pack only food items you like and enough food and water that will sustain you for 3 days (carbohydrates, a protein, vegetables & a fruit in every meal). Also, try to make sure most of these meals are ready to eat.

Recommended foods to pack:
4 small peanut butter cups
3 pouches of tuna fish, sardines or any type of fish & 3 pouches of meat your of choice. 
6 packages of dried fruit or in cups
4 packages of fruit roll-ups
4 small boxes of raisins
2 small pouches of pre-cooked rice
3 pouches of pre-cooked pasta & 3 small boxes of instant soups
6 small plastic bottled water 
1 water purifying tablets or liquid drops

3 to 6 small kids boxed juices
3 small (6 or 8-oz.containers of shelf life milk
**several small packages of condiments
 (salt & pepper, ketchup & mustard) like the small packages you get from McDonald’s
6 small pouches or small 4oz. cans of vegetables of your choice
3 small packages of cheese and crackers
4 protein bars
infant food, milk and treats
pet food & treats

It is important to also have cooking utensils, something to warm up food in. 
1 camping cooking pots 
1 camping metal dish, 1 cup for drinking 
10 forks, 10 spoons & 10 knives per person, try to use plastic silverware for less weight-carrying.
 8 small tea candles or 8 small camping fire candles and 12 mini fire logs (to put under your cooking plate)
1 small camping stove
4 Chaffin candles for cooking food on stove or makeshift stoves
 1 large box of matches or 1 butane firelighter for your stove as needed
1 small bottle of dish soap and a small bottle of cleanser with scrubbing pad & sponge
1 small kitchen towel

Medical needs:
1 each small bottles of a sinus, & headache cold medications
1 small Vick’s vapor rub ointment
1- a headache & sinus sprays
2 Pain patches
Allergy medications
1 small eye & nose drops
1 small bottle of Alka Seltzer
1 small Pepto Bismol
Diarrhea medication
Constipation medication
& your own personal health medications for 3 to 4 days
More Medical needs:
(10) adhesive bandages (various sizes)
(4) 5x9 inch sterile dressings
(2) conforming roll gauze
(4) triangular bandages
(4) 3x3 sterile gauze
(4) 4x4 sterile gauze
(1) roll cohesive bandage
(6) small germicidal hand wipes or alcohol-based hand sanitizer
(10) antiseptic wipes 
(4 or 6) medical grade latex gloves
(6) tongue depressors
(2) medical adhesive tape
(2 or 3) small bottles of antibacterial ointment or 
(12) small (square) antibacterial wipes
(2) instant shake cold packs
(2) instant shake hot packs
(1) a small pair of scissors
(1) tweezers
(12) assorted size safety pins
1 eye drops
1 poison ivy cream
1 diaper rash
(1) oral thermometer
(1) a small tube of petroleum jelly
-(1) sunscreen lotion
(1) Deet mosquito repellent lotion or Avon Skin so Soft bath oil spray…This Avon bath oil is a great mosquito repellent.
(1 or 2) CPR breathing barrier, such as a face shield
(1) first aid manual
(1) bottle of aspirins and (1) non-aspirin pain reliever
(1) small bottle of liquid antacid or Tums tablets
 several assorted vitamins (for 3 days)
(1) package of laxatives

Personal needs:
2 sets of gloves
 2 sets of socks
 1 winter hat
 1 baseball cap 
and 2 scarfs (for you, your child or pet)
4 small instant hand & foot emergency self-warming packs
2 small candle, 1 large candle & 3 small boxes of matches
1 large Flashlight w/ 2 packs of extra batteries
1 small flashlight w/ 2 pack of extra batteries
1 crank or transistor radio with built-in cell phone charger/ with extra batteries
A small jar of Vaseline for the lips & hands
2 chap-stick or lip balm
A small notebook and pen
A small shovel (for digging or to dig out snow from your tires)
A couple stacks of newspaper or kitty litter (to grip the ground with for when your tires are stuck in the snow)
You also need to have 2 baggies full of dryer lint, this will start a fire immediately. So save a bunch of lint from your dryer and put it on your cooking and fire starter items.


Monday, December 4, 2017

The Love and Joy of Family Togetherness

There is nothing better than the joy of family. This last Sunday I had 7 seven family members come over for dinner and some good fun. My aunt from Puerto and her son are here and yes I needed to make sure we all got together, my cousins, aunts, my son and my grand-daughters. We had made so much food which we all enjoyed and we all had so many laughs together. Love my family.

Monday, November 27, 2017

Forgiving and Forgetting, Personal Thoughts

Are families forever? You bet cha!

I grew up without a dad to guide me and protect me as I became a woman. That distance between us took a lot of me as a child and through the years my heart became hard and unforgiving. After I married my husband and became a mother my heart started to soften through the years. Once I was baptized and the Lord became my guiding light, He taught me to forgive and forget through prayer. So through the past 32 years, my love for dad began to grow and not until he realized the error of his ways, our hearts did not unite.

In total, my dad had 9 children from 4 different women, as of today there is one brother we have never met that lives in Meze, France. He is one year younger than me. Out of the other 6 children, my two brothers in Florida and I are the only three that are close to dad. Unfortunately, my other siblings chose not to practice forgiveness and forgetting.

Here is my dad with my little brother Robert and Robert's son Eladio. Eladio is autistic, but he is such a loving soul.  I hope someday the rest of my brothers and sisters can forgive dad and enjoy the love we are enjoying today.

I love you, dad.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Eternal Marriage

Eternal Marriage
 The Proclamation to the World

Eternal marriage doesn't really mean much to the average person, but to the members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints,  its an ongoing commitment to this life and to the life to come.

In these modern times, many marriages lose their desire to make their union last forever. Most of them lose their romance before the first year of their union.

Many years ago I stopped at a rummage sale in the nicest part of town here in Lorain. This sale was not advertised as a rummage sale, it was advertised as a "Divorce Sale." Curious to see what was waiting for me there I quickly got myself dressed and when I arrived there I found an incredible amount of people who were also seeking some good buys from this divorce sale. After being there for a short time I discovered that the girl who was having the sale had only been married for 2 months. I began to think about this marriage and I wondered if they could have worked it out somehow before coming to this final stage...divorce.

Preserving those marriage vows have become meaningless to many and seeking the easy way out has become the norm. "Live In" partners have now increased by 35% from the last 5 years, putting the marriage license almost out of existence.

God made Adam and Eve...He united these two souls in holy matrimony to be fruitful and multiply. Since ancient times apostles and prophets have confirmed the importance of marital relationships in society. 

"God-sanctioned marriage between a man and a woman and has been the basis of civilization for thousands of years. The Family is a divine institution. You will know no greater happiness than that found in your home. The truest mark of your success in life will be the quality of your marriage."
President Gordon B. Hincley.