Tuesday, October 17, 2017

October 2017 Emergency Preparedness

2017 October 
Emergency Preparedness Newsletter

As the leaves start falling off the trees, we begin to see an array of colors being displayed with gorgeous hues and intensive tones. But this change of season also reminds us that a very cold Winter is just around the corner. With that being said, let us remember that preparing for what is to come requires some work on our part. 

Due to all the disasters that have occurred in nearby countries, states and islands, we need to consider these disasters as a warning. We need to begin to prepare ourselves for a Winter we have no idea what may bring. We feel that by starting small we could eventually grow bigger. Let’s start by clean out our medicine cabinets. Here are some ideas we could consider in stocking our medicine cabinets for this upcoming Winter.

Items needed:

Chest, sinus, & headache cold medications
Vick’s vapor rub
 Headaches & sinus sprays
A household vaporizer
A heating pad
Pain patches
Allergy medications
Eye & nose drops
Alka Seltzer
Pepto Bismol
Diarrhea medication
Constipation medication
& your own health medications

These are essential medications that may be needed throughout the Winter.  Allergies are going crazy right now and making sure you have allergy medications and allergy sprays on hand allows us to function throughout the day. So try to stock up on these medications as soon as possible before November.

Another thing we need to also remember is making sure our Shingles, Pneumonia and flu shots are up to date. Many Pharmacies are there to give you any of these shots as well as your personal doctor.  And most of these shots are covered by your health insurance. 

Emergency Preparedness is so crucial. God gives us all the tools and He only asks that we prepare and take care of ourselves.

God Bless, Millie Torres

Monday, October 9, 2017

Black Bean-Lentil Burger

My plant-based diet is very healthy and very delicious.
And as a vegan, one high protein and high fiber foods that I consume a lot of are grains. So this last week I made 18 black bean-lentil burgers served with tomatoes, spinach, bbq sauce and homemade thin gluten-free bread. Here is my delicious burger.

Here's my Recipe: 

1/2 lb. of black beans & 1/2 lb. lentils 
(rinsed and drained well after cooking)
1 tsp. garlic & onion powder
3/4 tsp. salt & black pepper
2 c. of chopped fresh spinach
1 c. chopped yellow onions
1 c. chopped red peppers
1 c. fresh chopped cilantro
1/2 c. gluten-free garbanzo flour
mix well
2 T. of your favorite bbq sauce
 ( 1 T. for each side of the burger)

sliced tomatoes and fresh spinach or lettuce

after making your burgers, grill them until golden brown, then add bbq sauce on each side of the burger and re-grill them for about 3 to 5 more minutes, serve on a hamburger bun or homemade bread topped with tomatoes and lettuce...enjoy!!!!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Great Uses of Old Furniture

Decorating a home can be expensive, but when creativity arises, the job can be a frugal one.

Here are some thoughts in saving some money when decorating a home.

1. Be creative.

You know what you need and you know what to do.

2. Paint it

Give your old home furnishings a new look with paint.
A little paint can change a dull 80's dining room cabinet into a current and modern one.

3. Create

Making your own furniture by recycling many items can be done for hardly no cost.

This is a great idea.

4. Re-purpose.

Old furniture can be re-purposed in a creative way...this old piano becomes a bookshelf to play a key role in this room...it is not only creative but genius.

So when decorating, don't throw it out, recycle, re-purpose and create...
...Remember it's all in your hands.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Accepting Others As They Are

Each day that rises is often an unexpected one, since we are not sure if we are going to rise from our beds the next morning. But each day that is here is a day of rejoicing and of learning. Most of us are currently living on the moment, but it would be great if we were to live each moment as our last. Cherishing and learning from our balanced life.

Above is the title of my post. There are many words written on it and each word has beauty and character.  As we go through this valley of life, we should introduce our hearts and our mind's to these words that create a person's characteristics and acceptance.

So ask yourself, am I installing any of these words into my life so I can accept other people's decisions in life. We may not agree with their decisions but we cannot throw the first stone either. We are all different but we are all children of God.

Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Beauty of the Kirtland Temple

 Hi everyone,

My good friend Keri came down from Utah to visit her Mom & Dad and as she was here she took a day to visit Kirtland. One of the things to visit in Kirtland is the Kirtland Temple. This temple doesn't have high spheres or stained windows to make it beautiful, because its humble structure is beautiful in it's self. So if you're ever in Ohio, try to visit the little town of Kirtland Ohio. This small but amazing town has the Kirtland Temple, The Whitney Store and The Johnson Farm that can easily  recite the truthfulness of a restored church...the LDS church.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

A Little Balcony Market

I may not have land to plant a mega amount of flowers and vegetables but, I do grow some great fresh veggies on my balcony. I live in apartment on the 4th floor and I get all the afternoon sun. The sun provides all the nourishment my plants need to grow. 

Here is my little balcony full of plants.

I have a succulent plant that grow every spring until late Fall.

I plated 4 o' clocks that are very hearty throughout the Summer. I love when all the flowers are open with their vibrant pink, lavender and red blooms..

I harvested 3 batches of basil, it adds a great taste to my tomato sauce.

Alyssiums in hot pink and pale pink colors...lovely.

Here are my 3 pots full of cauliflower.




A large pot of fresh oregano...it's amazingly large & beautiful.

My 4 pepper plants in one large pot is full of peppers.

They look great, I counted 13 of them so far.

One side of my balcony

Freshly picked basil

Lots of cilantro, I've picked 5 batches so far.

a nice pick of fresh cilantro.

I may have a small balcony, but I sure grow some great herbs, veggies & beautiful hearty flower plants...it's been a good Summer. I hope you all continue to enjoy it.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Be Grateful

Each day that rises I am so grateful to be alive. 

God is so wonderful...He made the world for us to enjoy and to fulfill His plan of salvation. He made the air for us to breath, He created us with all our senses for us to enjoy this world a little better. The sense of taste for us to taste and enjoy an array of nationality foods.  He gave us hearing so we could hear the noises of life which some brings us tears and laughter, He gave us the sense of touch so we can enjoy the gift of hugs, He gave us sight so we can see the world He beautifully created. 

Each morning that I rise, I am so grateful for another day without forgetting that gratitude is one of the virtues when we acquire humility.

If  today was not a good day for you, always remember to be thankful,  because someone out there is having a day worse than yours. Have a blessed day.

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Light up your Sanctuary's

After decorating for a while now, I have always said that lighting is one of the most important topic that must be addressed when decorating any room. Some people can afford more in lighting but others cannot. But when installing "mood lighting"  you do not need to spend a fortune.w...especially if it can be made by you.

Here are some ways you can achieve "Mood Lighting" for way less money by using using bottles as an inspiration and creation.

Take a look.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

May Peace Be With You

Peace, a ray of sunshine, a moment of bliss and tranquility.

Every night as our bodies retire to our beds, our brain is still in full swing.  This mass of blood vessels called the brain never shuts off .  Our brain is like a small computer chip, it records what we  see, what we hear and what we feel. Even though we shut our eyes at night and we think our bodies have calmed down; our brain's subconsciousness automatically begin to recycle everything we did throughout the day. Our daily routine of running back and forth has consumed us of all our strength depleting us of all our desires to seek for peace. Peace within ourselves and peace with God.

In these latter days peace is seldom obtained because we are so amused with today's technology, music, social media and vanity.  We as humans forget to stop and smell the roses, we forget to refuel our hearts with love and memories and we forget to re-energize this beautiful body that was given to us. We forget to shut down the world around us with the idea that we are going to miss something everyone else knows of. We need to stop drowning ourselves into so much daily unnecessary and unfulfilled tasks that drains our bodies and our spirituality. 

Peace brings good thoughts and clarity, good judgments and good mental and physical stability. Peace brings good health and much joy. 

May peace be with you all.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Siesta Spanish Yoga, Asleep with Blinders On

As the world goes about their own way, we go about ours. 

When I approached another weekend, I realized that each week that goes by is a week to never return. So I started to think...what do I do to make my week a week of enrichment. An enrichment that will not only sustain me through the next day but that will fill my heart with greatness and strength. 

We as humans tend to slip into what I call a "Siesta" Spanish yoga"...a time of dormant and laziness. It's as if we shut down our entire body mechanism and we become zombies.

* Our brain doesn't work unless we pray first.

*Our body doesn't move unless we feed it and exercise it first by check our emails so we can put those fingers to work replying to each letter by hand...typical human tendencies now.

Our mouth doesn't begin to pour out words unless we revitalize our brain and body first.

And our thoughts are frozen in time unless we read the scriptures to melt away the ice cubes that have frozen our brain cells.

That's why we are all experiencing "Siesta Spanish yoga".

Though many of us open our minds, brain and our day with prayer, many don't. They start their day just like they ended it, asleep and with blinders that do not let you focus one one side or the other. Unable to see the truth.

But if they only knew the enrichment they would obtain from beginning the day with God and ending it in His Holy name, they would understand the absolute enrichment us Christians have.
An enrichment that last forever and ever.