Monday, January 26, 2015

Missing my Girls

Years pass by us very quickly. 

This year as every year I receive new school pictures from my grand-daughters, but this year I had to really contemplate these photos. It seems like this year I finally realized how quickly they are growing up. 

This is a picture of my youngest grand-daughter Natalia when she was 6 years old.

This is this year's school photo...she is now 13 years old.

Here is my oldest grand-daughter Paloma when she was 8 years old.

And this is her at 15 years of age.

I cannot believe she is now taking drivers ED. 
What hurts me the most is saying good-bye to them before they moved to Wisconsin. They are all so far away from me now, but the nice thing is knowing they will all be here for Christmas vacation and twice throughout the Summer.

Nana loves and misses all of you.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

2015 Food Storage "Yearly" Cleaning and Inventory

As a Latter Day Saint my work in keeping my food storage closets clean, well organized and restocked is a never ending job. Even though I try to keep it full at all times, it seems like it never is full. I have been working very hard all year to fill it up well, but it is that time of the year when the storage room, storage closet and the pantry gets cleaned out of expired foods, organized and restocked. After cleaning every shelves with a rag and bleach then everything got to be organized properly and a full inventory of needs was completed. So this is how my food storage, closet and pantry looks like now, all well cleaned and looks lovely.

The food storage room

The bathroom shoe hanger is full again of all my personal necessities.

I need to stock up on a lot more laundry detergent, non dairy milk, & fabric softener sheets.

The spice drawer I am currently using is full again, but I need to stock up the reserve spice shelf...its almost empty.

The closet that houses all my lotions, shampoos, fabric softeners, cleaning supplies and hair products is now full again and organized.

My kitchen pantry is full again.

Being prepared for these cold snowy Winter days is very important, I am happy its getting all done. That's another task I can cross out of my cleaning & organizing list.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Prayer in moments of need.

Since this year began, so did our lives begin in a direction never thought of. 

On New Years Eve around 9pm I received a call from my brother telling me my cousin Eric (40 years old) had suffered a heart attack and was going to have open heart surgery that night. His main aorta  was clogged almost 100%. After this call I immediately said a prayer for him, but I never slept through the night.

Then the next day another devastating news rocked my life. This ones brought me to my knees in tears and ever since then I haven't gotten over it. I can't think or focus on anything I do. My broken heart has me in a state of confusion and disbelief. Heavenly Father knows my thoughts and feelings, I only pray for those involved in this problem that everything may work out.

Every day is a new day to treasure, but what may come before us each day only God knows. Let us all focus on HIS amazing grace and all the gospel principles He gave us, for in them resides truth, knowledge and the proper way to live. Lets keep are prayers a constant ritual in our lives and let us be like Him...He has all the answers to every problem. 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014 And My Fabulous Trash To Treasure Redo Gift, At The End of This Post.

Hello my peeps, I hope you all had a great Christmas with your lovely family.

Our Christmas started with our annual family Christmas party on December 21.
This year we introduced the ugly sweater contest and as you see from my sweater the hot glue gun went bonkers with the Christmas ornaments, ribbons and beads.

Then I went to my son's house for 3 days of fun, great food and laughter. On the 23rd my daughter served a lovely Jewish dinner to end the Hanukkah celebration...This year the girls learned all about Hanukkah, their customs and traditions...they also got as their last day of Hanukkah a gift, a  "Dradel", a Jewish play top with Jewish symbols. 

Every Christmas eve at 8pm they open all of the gifts Nana bought them and Nana bought a lot of them as usual. Each of the girls bags were huge and full to the top.

My daughter in law loves purses and I got her this beautiful one with a lovely beaded wallet.

Paloma is seriously studying and playing with the game "Simon". 

As one of my son's gifts from Nana was his leather watch, he was thrilled with it. And he opened all the food storage boxes filled with food storage items, this happens every year...I fill them up for a year of non food items.

My youngest grand-daughter is a lovely painter, she painted this picture for me...its beautiful.

By Christmas morning the girls were up at 3:45 am and yes they woke me up first.

And by their crazy smiles you can tell they were super happy to find ipods under the tree.

My son and his family gifted me with my new Kindle Fire HD he is programing it for me and getting all my LDS tools installed, scriptures, videos and church hymns...I was thrilled.

Every year for the past 8 years the girls and I get a few pictures together in the same position to see how much the girls have aged and changed their appearance throughout the years.

The highlight of the day was my daughter in law's redo gift...a gift I redid for her new Shabby Chic French Country decor that we will be working on this Summer...check out the before and after photos.

This is the final lamp results...

I found this lamp on the curb of the was ugly.

After results. White primer, white paint, pearls, diamonds, glitter dusting, paint sealer and satin fabric to cover the electrical cord...fabulous results...

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Winter is Here...Are You Ready?

Another year is slowly coming to an end and the snow storms are just beginning. As Winter extends itself for another 5 months, are you prepared for it? If you haven't had a chance to prepare with food and water for this Winter, it is wise to start as soon as possible for next Winter. 

Here's a little peek into my food storage and you can have one just like mine by next Winter. Just add a few extra items every month into your grocery cart. A little at a time will add up and you will also have a well stocked up storage for your family in case a snow storm arises. Buy food , water and some needed medical supplies throughout the year and your family is well worth every cent you spend.

Be Prepared.