Saturday, August 20, 2016

Personal Update and A Great Recipe

A quick update...

Hi everyone. 

I am so sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I have been suffering with a tremendous back, clavicle and shoulder pain. My pain is radiating from my vertebrate and down my left arm. I had an EMG done but it showed nothing on my back or shoulder.  On the 8th of September I will be seeing the surgeon because 2 pinched nerves may be causing this terrible pain and surgery may be my next step. I cannot do much with my left arm and sleeping at night is unbearable, thank God for pain meds. I will be updating you on my health in the near future, 

For now I wish to share with you a very delicious recipe I truly enjoy making a lot.

Grilled Temphes served on a bed of grilled veggies

Its been pretty hot here in Cleveland so making dinner has been a bit more on the grill. I have been grilling a lot and this was one of my favorite dinners.

I seasoned some temphes (a vegan chickpeas pressed protein slab that is super delicious) with some Adobo with pepper, olive oil and some non gluten flour for breading...then I lightly grilled it. On the side I marinated some veggies with Lima beans & onions in sofrito, adobo, olive oil, sazon & black pepper; it was then grilled and served for a great dinner. It was so good I ended up having two servings and about an hour later I had 2 homemade apple cookies for dessert.

Keep that grill burning!...enjoy the rest of the Summer.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Country Home To Love

Hi Everyone,

Well I am back home after a 7 day vacation with my family in P.A.

There is no greater time spent than spending quality time with your family. On the last day before returning home we got to visit my sister's country home. Her home is still in construction as you will see throughout the photos. My sister and her very handyman husband have converted this small 2 bedroom home that they paid $30,000 for, into a lovely country home. It needed a lot of work done but her husband is a super handy man and a master carpenter with wood, electricity, plumbing and an artist by nature. They both have done a great job on this home. Take a peek at these photos...their country home is so beautiful.

This is the kitchen. They got some raw unfinished cabinets and they spray painted them with speckled crackle spray paint in cream and brown. She then added black bear handles to the doors as handles. Here husband sliced a tree the long way and varnished them. Then he used them as border trims around all the windows in their home.

My brother in law placed large stones as the back splash.

He made this kitchen island from a tree trunk he cut down himself and sliced the tree the long way to become the table top, it was highly varnished about 6 times and now it is a beautiful piece that adorns the kitchen.

Every country kitchen needs a pot holder. My sister found this iron rack at a sale for a few dollars, she put it up and my brother in law put some lights on sure blended well with the island.

My brother in law is a artist in many ways and he is also a painter. He made their dining table and he then designed a grave sight on it with crosses, headstones and dead people hands coming out of the grave...its really cute and hilarious..

Here are the windows with their tree trims, it is so beautiful.

She found this small fireplace front at a thrift store and she placed it under the stairs with old lamp hoods and candles and with an old rocker its a great place to relax while watching television.

He made one wall in the living room from small wooden strips and then he hung the television in front of it.

She loves cats and bears so she has them all around her home.

My sister found this iron star and my brother in law put an electrical cord on it and a candle hood to light up their very small living room. My sister loves cranberries and she embellished the bottom base of the star to give it a country look.

I couldn't take a better picture of the bathroom but take a peak at the stones he put inside their shower. It looks fabulous.

My brother in law painted a picture of their 3 dogs and my sister made it into a coat rack.

And living in the Pocono Mountains means lots of land to enjoy.

Here is my family and I. My sister is next to my mom and her husband is the bold one with their only son next to him.

It was a wonderful week...hope to see you all soon.

Friday, August 5, 2016

Family Reunion in PA

Hello my peeps, Its been a super busy Summer.

I just returned home from a week of traveling and enjoying quality time with my mother's side of the family in P.A. It was a very nice family reunion with much hugs and love between us all.

Here are some photos to see.

Here we are visiting my sister and her family at the Poconos mountains...we had a great dinner and a good time with them.

Cousins forever.

My mom and I.

My mom and my son.

A family picture with one of our visits to Allentown, PA.

My mom, my son and my 2 grand-daughters.

And here is my grand-daughter Paloma showing off her blue teeth after eating a blueberry ice cream. 

 Family, it was a joyful reunion.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Raising a Family

Constant busy days often prevents parents from spending quality time with their children.

Life is short and by the time we open our eyes our children are adults, yet parents tend to bind themselves constantly with so much to do for themselves and not for their children.  As I have observed the generation of today, I have noticed that work, meetings, church activities, out of town conferences, constant phone interruptions, computers, social media and caring for themselves instead of being there for their off spring, keeps parents more away from their children making it impossible for them to get to know what their children are doing and feeling. 

We as parents have been given the most precious gift God could ever give us in this life and we are counseled by spiritual leaders to not get ourselves so involved in so many other activities that may prevent us from being there for our family. The family is a sacred institution that needs watering constantly with love, affection, compassion, attention and time...quality time.

How much quality time are we spending with our family is the main question. I personally see very few parents taking the time to spend it with their children. It is not about money, social status or a bigger home or is all about family unity as one. Eating dinner together, sharing each others days, listening carefully to each others feelings, sharing your dreams and goals and being there when needed is all our children need.  Your children are your flowers and by making sure your family is a special one is being there for each other and share the love so your flowers can blooms and procreate throughout your garden. Add the vitamins they need to bloom uprightly.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

From Photograph to Sketch

Art is a gift and it is a gift that is born inside many people that can see life and view events in a whole new window than everyone else. Some people express their art in paintings. hair creations, dance, nail design, sketching, home decor and in so many other forms of art; but no matter which type of art abilities you may sure is a beautiful gift and it should be treasured. 

My grand-daughter Paloma is a great painter. Her paintings are displayed throughout her home, but this last week she decided to sketch for the first time her own face and I think she did a great job.

This is a photo of Paloma...

and this is the sketch version she did of herself.

I laughed when I saw her little stand up nose because she has my nose.
I think she did a good job in sketching herself.
Good job Paloma.

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

All Grown Up

 I am just so amazed on how quickly children grow up. Just a few years ago my grand-daughters were born and now they are teenagers attending high school and driving. I think I am getting old.
But I was happy to get these lovely pictures from their vacation to Florida in June.
They are lovely.

So this is my high school girl Paloma (16) and she is now driving...that is scary, but my son says she is very careful when she drives.

 And this is our baby girl Natalia (14) a middle school girl who is the sweetest doll ever.

Love our baby girls, they are our joy.

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Quick and Easy Dinner on the Run

I have been on the run for the past 4 weeks. Between some medical tests, church callings and helping other people that need help has made my cooking a bit difficult. So what is a girl on the run to do...quick but healthy dinner served with protein smoothies that are fabulous.

Here is one dinner I loved and have made it twice since then. My massive salad with all kinds of veggies, raisins, Quinoa with some vegan sweet potato chips. I make a massive salad bowl full of all kinds of veggies twice a week. I eat from this bowl of greens twice a day, but the nice thing is having it all ready made and all I have to do is add some more items to make the salad pop...this particular salad had cooked Quinoa & sliced avocados...DELICIOUS!!!!

It sure was a wonderful meal.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Being Frugal is Not Being Cheap

As an extreme couponer I have over 40 bottles of body lotions and about 15 or 20 jars of expensive high end face creams and moisturizers that I got for free. But getting everything for free doesn't mean I should waste them. I am a very frugal lady I try to get everything I can out of those almost empty bottles & jars of creams and lotions. When my bottles of lotions are almost all emptied,  I turn them upside down for a few days to let all the inside contents go down to the opening of the bottles. Then I cut open the bottles with scissors and I get all the cream or lotion out of them.

  In the photo below you can see all the bottles and jars that were emptied out.

I then unite them all together into a bowl and then I mix them well. I got to fill 1 full jar from a few bottles of almost empty out lotions and creams. 

 Being frugal doesn't mean you are cheap, it just means you are smart to not waste or spend unnecessary money that can be used in other ways.

Be frugal and save money.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Lovely Yards

The an outdoor room that deserves just as much attention and beauty as the inside of our homes.

Here are some great manicured yards that may give anyone the desire to decorated the outside of their homes this year...take a peek, they are lovely. 

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Easy to Make Arepas (Spanish Tortilla)

When a desire for arepas comes along there's nothing I can do better than to make my homemade ones.

My Arpeas are made from gluten free flour, non dairy butter, salt and a hint of sugar. Lightly grilled on my Cuisinart Panini presser or skillet, then dressed beautifully with fresh organic spinach, a sliver of organic firm tofu, tomatoes and melted dairy free provolone cheese. It is absolutely delicious.

Here is my recipe: 

2 c. gluten free flour
1 tsp. salt- and 2 pinches of sugar
3 tablespoons non-dairy butter (softened)
1/3 c. melted non dairy butter

Mix flour & salt. Add melted butter, mix well and then add slowly the milk. Add more milk if needed to the dough mixture. Knead gently then spread the arepas in your hands, place them on a hot pan (med. heat), then turn them over just to brown them lightly, that's it.
Easy and scrumptious!...enjoy.

From My Caribbean Vegan Kitchen to yours...SALUD!