Monday, June 29, 2015

Paying It Forward

In life there are so many ways in which we can share our love and our tender care with others.

I have been trying to share with others my love in a way others can benefit and pay it forward. Since at Aldi's grocery store you have to pay a quarter to use their carts,
I have asked the person I pass the cart to when I am done with it to please pay it forward to someone else. I also ask them to remind the person they pass the cart to-to also pay it forward with the next person.

I know that at the end of the day someone will end up taking my quarter home when they return the cart to the store, but in the long run that cart saved many people a quarter. It may seem like a small way to help others, but for me it sure makes me feel good knowing somehow I help, shared the love and I paid it forward. 

Sunday, June 21, 2015

What a Celebration

90 years old and still kicking...

Surprise, Surprise Aunt Felicia.

At the golden age of 90 she is still going strong. This lady is a trooper. She raised 13 children and a few she baby sat for extra money added the group to 15 kids at once. She did it all and never complained. So it was more than a joy to celebrate her 90th birthday with 11 of her children, family and friends who flew in from various parts of the states. 
Take a look at all the photos.

What a surprise, she was shocked.

Photographed with s few of her grandchildren.

Photos with 8 of her boys 

Great grand-children

Her remaining 11 children

3 of her daughters...1 is deceased.

Here are some photos of me and some of my cousins.

My aunt and her husband on their 50th anniversary many years ago.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Genealogical Present

My sweet aunt Felicia'S 90th birthday was on Feb. 14, but her 13 children decided to have a big surprise birthday party for her this Saturday June 20th. I am so excited to see the joy on her face when they bring her to the hall thinking she is attending a mother/ daughter banquet and we all scream SURPRISE!!!!. 

At the party attendees will be the entire family and many of them are flying in from New York, California, Puerto Rico and many more states. As a gift to her I made this genealogical board with her and her husbands name on the trunk, her children and their children shooting upward with hearts as an offspring from their love. I also added her genealogy going back 5 generations on the roots of the tree trunk. I truly hope she likes it.

Here is the entire board finished.

Her genealogy tree are on the roots of the tree and the empty hearts will be filled in as I continue her genealogy search. On one side of the roots are her father's genealogy and on the other side is her mother's genealogy in perfect order.

Her children's names are in the larger hearts and the smaller hearts has her grandchildren in order of birth from the oldest to the youngest. The heart's that are off to the left side of her son's were children born out of wedlock. Like Melissa that was born before Mickey was married and had his other 8 children.. 

My aunt had13 children in total.

I painted the tree trunk

I took this picture before I cleaned all the hot glue webbing from the gems...ooops. They are all cleaned off now. 

I hope she likes it.

Here she is with 3 of her boys and their wives and grand-daughter.

Her son, daughter in law, grand-daughter and great grandson. 


Sunday, June 7, 2015

Heavenly Music

I sat this morning on my balcony to spend some time with God and as I sat there in the early morning hours (6am) as daylight began to emerge through the East...I heard an orchestra playing in a far distance. This beautiful music was the birds singing in full melodies and harmony.

As I listened carefully I could hear their voices ringing the bells like the awaking of Christmas morning.  Though birds cannot play instruments, if we listen carefully we can hear that heavenly music that brings joy and much peace to one's heart.

I thank God for that heavenly music...He sure made everything so perfect especially when He made those birds sing for me to enjoy. I believe it was a quiet lovely whispering of His Spirit saying "good morning my daughter".

Monday, June 1, 2015

A Small Vegetable Garden

A few veggies can be grown anywhere.

I do not have a piece of land to have a large vegetable garden, but I do grow every year a little something on my balcony. Take a peek.

1. Baby lettuce

2. Sweet red peppers

3. Roma tomatoes

4. Spinach

5. cilantro

Good enough for a single gal.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Beauty Of My Early Morning Walks

Every morning at 6am I walk 3 miles around the property in which I live in.
This property is absolutely beautiful once the day and the sun rises. Let me take you on a tour of this lovely parking lot.

This is what I see every morning. This is the back of Sacred Heart Church where they have their festival every year. It is early (6am) and the grass is full of dew and the fog is slowly rising to its vanishing point.

As the day begins to peek through the trees so does the beauty of this property. The church sits in the center of the property giving me the access to go around it 10 times, a total of 3 miles.

This is the entrance of the church parking lot.

And as the sun begins to rise in the east I get to capture its beauty smiling at me.

This is Sacred Heart Catholic Church. With its gorgeous Spanish style design brings much memories of the Catholic churches in Puerto Rico..

This is one of its side view.. 

All the roses around the statue of the virgin Mary are now very large and full of buds ready to bloom.

This is my apt. complex, built right in the property because the church owns the complex.
You can see my apt. on the 4th floor, its the one with all the pots full of plants.

All these trees are now full of bloom.

 They are now getting a new roof and some new construction on the back of the church building is now in progress.

This lovely tree faces my bedroom window.

This property is lovely and walking it every morning is a joy.