Sunday, November 16, 2014

So Happy to be Home Again

 After spending 2 weeks in Puerto Rico in 90 to 105 degree weather every day I was happy to come home to 40 degrees.

Puerto Rico was beautiful as you see in these two photos.

Two days after arriving home our first snowfall came down real good. Its been snowing flurries on and off since this snowfall, but it is suppose to snow a lot throughout the entire week. I took these  photos from my balcony and the view was sure lovely. I was so happy to be in the cold weather again. I love Winter and snow, and after two weeks in heated weather in Puerto Rico, I realized I could never return to my homeland to stay. I do not like the heat and I avoid the sun at all times. So here I am and here I'll stay...I love Winter.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Puerto Rico...The Beautiful Homes and Plants

Puerto Rico...The Island Of Enchantment

My two week stay in Puerto Rico was very nice even though it was not a pleasure trip. I went on an urgent call because my aunt is very ill. My time there was of more work than pleasure and caring for her was a joy. She is still alive but we know her time here on earth will end soon. Her cancer has spread and there is nothing that the doctors can do anymore.  But when I visited my Dad I got to take this lovely photo of this beautiful home in front of his house.

Isn't this house a beauty.

Here is my Dad's green home.

This is his back yard

And this is part of his side yard, a beautiful embankment full of banana plants, mango trees and Kenepa fruit trees...just lovely.

I stayed for 2 weeks with my cousin and his wife caring for my ailing aunt. Their small wooden house was dreamy. She has a green thumb for plants, so check out her beautiful plants...they are gorgeous and God waters them every morning from 4am to 6am. Her front entrance is full of palms, ferns and colorful plants.

 Her car port is full of plants of every kind.

Even the back of their house where the horses are is gorgeous full of plants.

Banana plants everywhere

And of course there are palm trees throughout the island which measures only 35 miles by 100 miles.
Puerto Rico was beautiful but too hot for me. I was dying to come home to Fall weather.

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Puerto Rico - La Isla Del Encanto- Con Orgullo! (April 2012)

Sorry for not blogging, but I will be in Puerto Rico until November...I will be back with lots of photos. Until then, take care.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I Am Different and Blessed

Hi, its been a few weeks since I blogged. Its been a bit busy here at home with church classes to prepare, church talks to give in Sacrament meeting and too many home chores have kept me very busy for the past 4 weeks. I am free now and ready to resume my blogging.

Today my post is on being unique and different.

 Being different shows off how special you are. 

Let me share with you an identity of myself.

I do not have any acquaintances I can say they are my buddies. If you know me you may consider me different, maybe a bit odd because I love being by myself. By being by myself all the time allows me to  have more time loving others more than loving me. I am happy giving my heart out to others instead of feeling sorry for my loneliness.  

Let me explain...I have never had a close friend I can call my BFF (Best Friends Forever). I am a bit over weight, I have a facial paralysis on the left side of my face and I wear steel Orthodic braces on both my legs. I suffer from severe crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am grateful and blessed by being this way. I enjoy being alone, I enjoy shopping alone, spending time creating everything I can all by myself and I do not go out to eat with anyone. I always go out to eat all by myself, I am very creative, very giving, very self reliant, very outgoing and  I have over 450 friends on facebook, yet I have no close acquaintance I can call my true friend..

My life may have many thorns and crooked roads for me to travel on, but I always remember there's always someone out there who's road is far more harder to travel on. So I rise up every morning thanking God for another day of life, with a heart full of gratitude and happy to see what else can I do to make others happy. I am far more blessed than you may think, especially when I let my heart fly towards others. 

So don't dwell on your hardship...remember you are different, unique and you are a child of God. That's the greatest blessing ever.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Fall Has Arrived

The season I love the most has finally arrived. Fall is the most colorful and coolest season of the year. It is a time of the year in which I begin purging and organizing unnecessary items throughout the house and a time to prepare for another cold Winter while making sure my food storage is full. Fall is also a time to cool off from the Summer heat that I so detest and pray for its soon departure.

My Fall cleaning is almost completed and I finally got to make this nice Fall wreath for my front door.

Now I must get the Christmas wreath done. I hope you all enjoy this beautiful weather.
Thanks for stopping by...chao. 

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Life Changes, Much Prayer and New Adventures to Explore

Water the cleaning power of God's Spirit and the washing away of daily stress.

I have been in deep prayer and fasting while attached to the computer writing and working my days away.

For the past 6 weeks my life has been changed around in a way I never thought it would.
First, I had a 5 week recovery due to the fact that I was on crutches with a massively swollen ankle. This painful experience and swelling took me back into my recliner for all those weeks. A change I did not expect but a learning one I gained a testimony of. Once my ankle was better my daily exercise routine went from walking 5 miles every morning to 1 or 2 mile. I am back to normal again.

Then I was released from my Primary calling in which I served close to 4 years and I was immediately called to 2 new callings. I am now the ward Emergency Preparedness Specialist and the leader to promote and gather food for the feed Ohio program. 

Being released brought so much sadness to my Primary children and me. When saying goodbye came around tears and hugs flowed and it was not easy for any of us. Then to not have a break between callings I felt as if I was running a marathon without water...exhausted trying to get much of these calling above ground.

I had to first clean out my Primary room, I then had to find some very large boxes to house for all the food we were going to collect, make and send out notices to the entire ward making them aware of this food drive and for them to bring bags of food to donate, I also had to sit on the phone for a few day and interview food banks & shelter so I could decide which one I would chose to donate the food to. I chose "The Genesis House" (a battered women's shelter in our community), and when I spoke to the director of the shelter she said their shelves were empty of food. So I knew in my heart that's who we were going to help.

Then I was asked to teach a home organization class in Homemaking, as well as to speak on the 21st of September in Sacrament on "Emergency Preparedness". The experience I learned as I was recuperating from my swollen ankle was that being prepared is a must. I thank God that i always keep a well stocked food storage full of food, water, non food items and medicine. I never had to go to the store for any groceries other than for fruit. My testimony on Emergency Preparedness grew more intense and more enriching knowing I was prepared in case of an emergency. 

Among all that I had to do I also have a gospel night at our Stake Center on the 20th of this month in which I am taking some non members to see non other than Motown Singer Gladys Knight and her LDS Gospel Choir. Gladys is a member of our church and it will be wonderful to see her perform live in a more personal setting.

Lets just say that September has been a super busy and learning month and I can't wait till this month is over. My heart is full of gratitude because through HIS grace and living waters I am filled and willing to serve no matter how tight my callings and days may be. I always say this too shall pass.

I am so looking forward to the gospel night at the Stake center, it will be a relaxing spiritual night to prepare me for my talk the next day at church...Thank you Lord. 

So how has your month been?

Friday, August 22, 2014

The Effects of Stress and a Cure

Your heart, an amazing organ that can feel love, pain, hurt, rejection and emotions.
Stress at work, around children, with spouse and worrying about finances can strain the heart to feel many emotions and poor health. So what are the effects caused by stress.
Stress will affect the body, the mind, your behavior and the emotions you experience causing a landslide of many body functions...from fatigue to alcoholism.
A great stress reliever is meditation and yoga. These two body restores can actually boost the immune system rushing a blast of tranquility to the nervous relax and relieve stress.
If you experience the symptoms described on the chart why don't you try to meditate more and stretch more by joining a yoga class. Your family, your co workers and your spouse will love you more than they do now.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Sad Side of Depression...A Memorial to Robin Williams

As the world mourns the loss of the legendary actor/comedian Robin Williams, I now wonder who is the person behind the mask of laughter that brings us all joy.

Robin Williams gave us years of hilarious laughter; yet when he performed his comical sketches we never saw the sadness in his face...a common sign of depression...hiding behind a false image or mask.

Today we all sorrow his death and I tear up to think that every time I see the movie clip (above) of him being his comical self as he played the real Dr. Patch Adams...a true story; I see how well he could make others laugh but he couldn't make himself laugh with happiness. As we mourn his departure, we must also learn from his illness...DEPRESSION.
DEPRESSION is a mental illness.
It cannot be ignored nor cured, but it can be controlled through medicine and therapy. Millions of people suffer from depression on a daily bases and they are always crying out for help in silence.

This disease can strip every depressed individual's heart and soul out of theirs desire to live while they are searching for a way to vanish from their daily confrontations with others. Out of the norm, out of the space they occupy on earth disappearing from their daily existence. We all laughed just by his facial expressions or by his amazing humorous sketches, but behind that crazy, genius and spontaneous mind lived a man full of demons. Demons he fought on a daily bases with and at the end they won the fight taking away a life full of incredible talent and spunk. Robin's cries were unheard through the laughter and crazy behaviors on stage, but as darkness began to surround him...depression and his ongoing battles with Bipolar eventually took his life.

 Depression is often overlooked and unrecognized. What people see in front of them is not always what is occurring inside of them. Through Robin's depression he made every individual smile, laugh, giggle and faint in a moment of joy. Robin Williams made the world a happier place for everyone to live in. His lovely humble soul and I say humble because when this man spoke without laughing his humility overly drenched us and melted our hearts. He spoke minimal words when he was given the chance to speak but he yelled out "HELP ME" throughout the years of performances. Through every sketch he ever did we did not see or listened carefully to his cries as his aching heart slowly died.

Depression can also have a dramatic impact on everyone involved. Having a spouse or a loved one who is suffering from depression can be especially difficult, and approaching the subject with them can be tricky. Depression can cause feelings of isolation and anxiety that may make opening up to conversation more difficult. The best thing you can do is offer your support and take the time to listen. Dealing with depression is difficult, but so is helping a loved one who is depressed. Sometimes, the people who provide support begin to feel overwhelmed, and they may need counseling as well to keep depression symptoms at bay.

 The many faces of depression will always be remembered through Robin Williams. Robin may your heart forever live within us and thank you for the many years of laughter and joy...


If you or a loved one suffers from depression, consider speaking to your medical doctor or a with a therapist.

Signs and symptoms of depression include:
Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness.
Loss of interest in daily activities.
Appetite or weight changes. 
Sleep changes.
Anger or irritability.
Loss of energy.
Reckless behavior.

In memory of Robin Williams

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Faith, Dream and Inspire

Each day that we live our lives should be full of Faith, Dreams and to Inspire.
Unfortunately some of us do not.
 Each day that rises brings forth a new day. A day that can be full of right choices or wrong choices.
Our faith grows, our dreams are fulfilled and how we inspire others by our example comes from the wise choices we make each day. Choosing to live a clean healthy life allows us to prosper in everything we do. But our faith is what allows us to overcome many trials and tribulation's in life, while inspiring others by our examples. Without it, it is nearly impossible to overcome many of those difficult moments and to bring others unto Christ.
Have dreams in life, inspire to teach by example and by exercising faith constantly it will allow us to be stronger to overcome many of our darkest days, while letting our light shine towards others. Our glowing light is the guiding light that leaves footprints of righteousness behind us for others to follow.
So dream, have faith and inspire. Let your light shine brightly.
The beauty of living a clean life is living it the best way we can.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Family, Love and Life

The Family, a tight knit institution.
From the moment of conception a child is being to be created. Each second and day that goes by this small minute little body starts to emerge into greatness. Yes anything that is born is full of greatness for it comes from God.
once our children take their first breath our life fills with joy and much love.
The family of 2 becomes 3 and through the years it may continue to grow. No matter how many souls live in the home, love is the universal language...treat them with tender loving care.