Thursday, June 14, 2018


Love is an amazing attribute.

An attribute that goes back over 2,000 years. Yes, that long ago.

In the beginning, love was expressed by our Heavenly Father as He and His Son Jesus Christ designed the great Plan of Salvation. This plan was created for all of us to have the opportunity to return to His presence someday. We as children of The Highest chose to follow His plan and not to follow Satan as the war in heaven was in full swing giving us the freedom of choice.

We all knew of that pure unconditional love then and as we go through our life's journey here on earth we will also experience many types of love.  How we love one another unconditionally throughout our lives here on earth, will determine our rewards in heaven when we return to His presence.

Let us feel that unconditional love, let us give that love to one another and let us share that love towards everyone we interact with through our adventures on earth.

There is no better way to say "love" than the way it is written on a frame that hangs in my living room.

"If your heart is full of love, you'll always have something to give"

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Farmhouse Cabinet

Lovely Cabinet

I have been looking for a large cabinet for my living room to store all my photo albums. On one of our local Facebook selling site where they sell or give away used furniture, I found this lovely cabinet. It was already painted in a whitewash finish and it goes perfectly well with my farmhouse decor...and guess what, it was FREE. The couple that I got it from was giving it away so I snatched it up right away. It looks great with my modern farmhouse decor and I didn't have to paint or refinish it. I was blessed.

I'm in love with it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Paloma's (2) Graduations and Accomplishments

I know as a Nana I am so proud of this wonderful loving soul this last Sunday.
My oldest granddaughter Paloma graduated this weekend twice, yes twice. She not only attended Western Reserve High School but she attended on Saturdays Ehove School. 
As apart of the graduating class she received 5 awards.

*Magna Cum Laude for having a very high GPA point.
* Diploma with honors
* National Technical Honor Society
* Career Tech Award of Excellence
*Art Club

Paloma will be attending this Fall, North Arizona University to pursue her degree in Zoology and a minor in art.

Congratulation Paloma

He sure was a proud papa.

On Friday Paloma also graduated from another school.  Every Saturday she attended Ehove Educational School graduating with a degree in Forensic Criminology...YES!!!

and as an investigating agent, she received many certificates throughout the years.

Great job sweetheart and good luck in college!
And as the Stake Youth Leader, for the Cleveland Ohio Stake, she is very busy serving in her callings to the maximum. Excellent!

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

I am still decorating my home and I am loving the Results

I must say this last two weeks has been crazy. But with all the kayos I got to finally finish my bathroom cabinets. As you know I am changing my entire apt. to the modern farmhouse decor like Joanna Gaines the show Fixer Upper.
My bathroom is slowly reaching the finish line.  I just need to find the right floor rug and a sign for the bathroom. So here are the cabinets, I hope you like them. If you do please leave a comment below.

This is the medicine cabinet after I took off the gold handles and painted it gray.

Here is the after distressed and aged with a nice nickel finish spray painted handles

I found the 2 small cabinets below in our complex laundry room and when people put things there in the laundry room anyone can take it. I saw the potential of what I can do with them so I took them. After removing the ugly heart-shaped door fronts, I added some white tulle to the doors to give it a nice modern farmhouse look. I also distressed them with my electric sander after painting them gray.
Here is the before 

Here is the after

Everything looks great with my modern farmhouse decor.

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Home, A Little Heaven On Earth

Home is a little heaven on earth.

That is a phrase I've heard for many years, but is "our" actual homes a little heaven on earth?
Is it a place of refuge, a place of joy and love, a place where we can laugh and giggle with one another and is it a place where everyone who lives there feels peace?

If so I am happy for you, but if it isn't a little heaven on earth our children's lives can turn out to be very painful. Let's raise happy and loving children full of compassion, respect, joy, and an amazing amount of love so they can love others unconditionally. If we do this our homes "can" become a little heaven on earth full of God's spirit and love.

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Love...The Universal Language.

I imagine my sign says it all. 

Love is a universal word spoken by any language. It can be felt through a heart loving gesture or sign, it can be expressed in millions of ways, it can say what you want to say just by one look to another, it can be spoken sweetly or strongly, love can be given as a gift, it can be sent in the mail or through an emoji, it can be sent through a bouquet of flowers, it can be expressed in prayer, it can be taught by example, it can be learned, it can be sometimes a bittersweet way to say good-by and it can bring much joy, comfort, and peace.

Love has no boundaries, no race, no preferred country or culture, it has no exceptions or excuse. 
Love is felt and given away by those who love other as they love God.
So if you plant love you shall reap love 10 times greater than what you gave.

So, if you carry the burden of resentment, pride, and pain, stop for a moment and reflect on what love really means to you. Then start by loving yourself first, then share that love with others...
Love is a free action word, it is an option in which we can change our entire existence filled with eternal blessings and just like the sign says, "I love you like biscuits and gravy". Then you will get that same love, a love full of flavor...yum  

Thursday, May 3, 2018

A Coach Purse Find and a Great Dinner

I was so happy that I stopped by Goodwill a few weeks ago because I came across this very nice full leather authentic Coach purse for only $4 dollars. I searched it out and it is authentic and it is worth $160 dollars. I was so happy, plus it's a nice purse for the Summer.

And there is nothing better than a very easy and great dinner. I just love baked yams and roasted vegetables. It was a divine, light and healthy dinner.

Have a great week everyone.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Good Health & the Prevention of Disease

Good health is essential in order for us to survive in this world full of so many people dying of cancer, heart attacks, and diabetes. These dreadful illnesses are prevalent in our day not scaring many people and making them feel fine with what they eat. Many of these disease-causing foods are the blame for so many people dying. 

By changing the way we live, our diet and our caring for our temples allow us to live a longer life.

Our bodies are like a car. If we care for it by constantly changing the motor and transmission oil and by always making sure everything works well, our cars last longer.   

 Our bodies are made the same way as a car... if we feed our bodies good foods like lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, good healthy carbs and lean fat-free proteins including the practice of at least 3 times a week of exercise will keep us in good health. By also applying the practice of good hygiene for the prevention and spreading of disease we can all live a fruitful joyous life surrounded by those we love. 

The same way a car survives for many years by caring for it well, so will our bodies last for many years to come. By eliminating many bad foods from our bodies and chemicals we can change the existing length of our lives. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

2018 Redecorating...Newly Sewn Cushions, New Curtains & New Sofa Slipcover

Hi everyone, 
Its been a very busy time here at home. I have been redecorating my entire apartment and it is now starting to come to an end with all my projects...painting, staining, reupholstering, and purging. I have gone to Goodwill 4 times now with my car loaded with clothes, cushions, home decor, household items, bedspreads, and jewelry. It feels wonderful to have a new apartment with new colors. It is clean and bright and I like it.

Here are my newly sewn cushions.

And my new sofa slipcover with new sheers and curtains. I just can't wait to put all my plants outside on the balcony next month once the warm weather arrives. 

Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, April 2, 2018

My Fresh Braided Bread

Braided French Bread

I am a sucker for bread. I could eat it with every meal. I can't remember the last time I purchased bread because I always try to make my own. I rarely make white bread but I really craved a piece of it. So I made a loaf, I cut it in about 7 pieces and I put them in the freezer for whenever I get those cravings again. It is delicious and very hard to stay away from.

This recipe does require shortening because bread does not taste good to me if there is no shortening in it. Shortening makes the bread smooth, fluffy and so desirable with some non-dairy butter melting all over it.

Here is my recipe:
3 c. flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. sugar
1 fast rising yeast package
3 c. hot water
1/3 c. non- dairy butter
Shortening (about 3 or 4 T.)

In a small bowl pour yeast and 1 c. hot water, stir well and set aside until needed. In a large bowl pour flour, salt & sugar, mix well. Then add yeast mixture, butter & the rest of the hot water...if flour is not well mixed and it needs more water just add more hot water slowly to the mix, then add 3 large tablespoons of shortening, start kneading by hand, and as you knead sprinkle more flour & more shortening, knead well adding slowly sprinkled flour mixture if it's still sticky. Place flour dough in the floured bowl and cover with a clean towel. Let it sit for 1 hour. Then knead for about 5 more minutes. Set it back into the bowl and cover for another hour. Repeat the kneading 1 more time and then separate the dough into 3 pieces. Knead each piece for about 2 minutes and roll with both hands to make 3 long pieces. Then braid them to create a beautiful braided bread like the picture below. Smear more non-dairy butter on top and let it rise for 30 to 40 minutes, bake at 375 until golden brown...about 25 to 30 minutes.

Bread is ready for the oven

It was delicious with melted non-dairy butter.