Thursday, May 21, 2015

The Beauty Of My Early Morning Walks

Every morning at 6am I walk 3 miles around the property in which I live in.
This property is absolutely beautiful once the day and the sun rises. Let me take you on a tour of this lovely parking lot.

This is what I see every morning. This is the back of Sacred Heart Church where they have their festival every year. It is early (6am) and the grass is full of dew and the fog is slowly rising to its vanishing point.

As the day begins to peek through the trees so does the beauty of this property. The church sits in the center of the property giving me the access to go around it 10 times, a total of 3 miles.

This is the entrance of the church parking lot.

And as the sun begins to rise in the east I get to capture its beauty smiling at me.

This is Sacred Heart Catholic Church. With its gorgeous Spanish style design brings much memories of the Catholic churches in Puerto Rico..

This is one of its side view.. 

All the roses around the statue of the virgin Mary are now very large and full of buds ready to bloom.

This is my apt. complex, built right in the property because the church owns the complex.
You can see my apt. on the 4th floor, its the one with all the pots full of plants.

All these trees are now full of bloom.

 They are now getting a new roof and some new construction on the back of the church building is now in progress.

This lovely tree faces my bedroom window.

This property is lovely and walking it every morning is a joy. 

Monday, May 11, 2015

A Lovely Relationship

The interior of our homes are decorated to give us joy, peace and happiness. The outdoors of our homes also gets a pretty decor to delight the eyes of all that gathers there.

Our view of another is just like the decor of the inside of our homes and yard. What others see concerning your attitude, your way of dressing, your manner of speech and your character can be pretty or ugly for others to see...this can either be a turn on or a turn off in any relationship. 

Here are some turn off's for a loving relationship.

1. Un-modest attire...this can way of dressing can illustrate that the woman is easy, loose, and has a "I don't care" attitude. All a man sees is an easy quick orange they can squeeze for a while but not to retain forever. What others see of you is how they think you are. 

2. Foul Language... A dirty mouth shows off the lack of manners and education the person may have. This is a major turns off for any man and a bad characteristic that shows off of how you were raised.

3. Criticism...Being critical towards others illustrates the lack of inner confidence towards yourself, the lack of love towards you and others and the turmoil in which you lived in while growing up. A critical person is never happy.

4. Lack of compassion...a person without compassion towards others reflects ignorance, an inner growing lack of love from their parents and the lack of unconditional love for one another. These people only think of themselves, a "ME" attitude cannot love anyone but themselves. 

These 4 major characteristics can turn off anyone that approaches you.


Here are some turn on's for a prosperous relationship.

1. A humble heart...humility is a lovely characteristic anyone can have. It is a sign of richness and unity with the Almighty, A humble heart can attract others towards them without looking for people to like them. This Godly attribute is a powerful magnet and a lovely tool to have. 

2. Modesty...Being modest with our outer wear illustrates the respect you have for yourself. It allows others to see your lovely figure without flaunting it. 

3. Sweet word...A lovely mouth full of praise and love attracts others to listen and to live by. Every lovely word we bring forth when speaking, creates a lovely conversation and interaction...this is a very lovely attribute to attract any man into a relationship.

4. Love...if we love others as we want to be loved will attract a loving man with those same attributes. Love is another powerful magnet that pulls in more loving people towards you.

How we live, how we speak, how we act and how we are with others in their presence is the way we attract them.

Integrity is being great in front of others, just the same way we are great when we are alone. 
Show off your greatness and attract the right relationship...a loving respectful relationship that can last forever.   

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Smart Cookie

Congratulations to my grand-daughter Paloma who was chosen with a few others to attend Bowling Green University for the next 2 years while finishing their high school.
 She will be graduating from High School in two years and at the same time graduating from BG University with an associates degree with a 3.9 average. There was only a hand full of the smartest kids chosen to attend BG and she was one of them. 

Very proud of you Paloma...keep up the good work. 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Heal Without Hurting

Throughout our lives we sometimes speak without realizing we are using cruel and hurtful words that tares hearts instead of building them. Later on we realize what we've done regretting every word we said.  

We sometimes tend to hurt the ones we love the most. We often compare them with others who we think are more righteous, more spiritual, more educated, more perfect and more correct; but through time we see how good our loved ones really are and then we regret the error of our ways.

Words do speak louder and they hurt a lot more than a good spanking or a stab in the heart. Using carefully the proper words at the proper time can draw the individual's attention towards us, kind words can soothe a trouble heart and can bring a lost soul to their knees. A good cry with them can instill love, compassion and humility. Humility to listen and obey.

So next time we open our mouths, lets think first and lets look for the good loving words that can heal and not hurt.

Friday, April 17, 2015


“April Showers Brings May Flowers”

As the quote says…this is the month in which rain drenches us the most water to flourish the earth with green grass and flowers.As the rain begins to come down and we are all cozy in our homes, we never think of preparing for some disastrous and costly rain damage…but it does occur and when it does then we end up cleaning the mess that is left behind with a bill $$$ we never expected.Before any disaster occurs to any of you…lets prepare ourselves for what can happen?  

1. Check your sump pumps.

Maintenance is the first precaution. By checking your sump pump ahead of time like now, can prevent you from having a flooded basement. If you do not know how to check it for its good usage then find a cooling and heating company to do the work for you. Though it may cost you some money, it will prevent a disaster that may cost you a lot more to fix after the flood…be prepared! 

2. Clean out your gutters.

Gutters will accumulate leaves, twigs, soil, flying objects and so much more. When gutters are full of this amount of junk, the weight with added water can eventually break the gutter from there holding clamps. Clean your gutters out well by brushing any of these items from them and then use a water hose to flush the remaining junk from the gutters. Clean gutters allows the rain water to flow well which will prevent gaining weight and breaking them off and prevent the water from falling into your basement. Gutters are very expensive to replace or to fix…be preventive!!!!. Clean them as soon as possible!

3. Street Drains

Many of you may not have a street drain in front of your house but if you do…make sure it is also cleaned well.  Make sure that drain is free of leaves, soil, paper, or any trash. If it is not cleaned well it may clog up with all that trash which may send all that water straight to your yard and into your basement. Be precautious and clean it out every week…it will prevent you from a headache you wish you never had…be preventive and be prepared just in case!!!

As our ward Emergency Preparedness Leader, I hope you take all my advice seriously. It will prevent you a disaster in the long run. Have a great month and until then God Bless.
Also I advice you all to have a small water vacuum, they are very cheap and very worth the money…get one just in case.

Have a great week.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ideas For Summer Decorating


I hope everyone recuperated after Easter, I needed to go back to my veggies...I ate too much.
I cooked this year, my menu consisted of an international dinner:

Stir fried Chinese rice
white rice
Spanish beans
BBQ ribs
Baked salmon
A taco Mexican bar...
(complete with my homemade yam flat-bread and every veggies imaginable with grains an, salsa & sour cream)
Apple, lemon and chocolate pies
vegan ice cream and regular vanilla ice cream
Fresh Lemon/orange water

Here is a photo of my yam flat nread

Spring is here and preparing for Summer is a major task. Here are some Summer decorating ideas to give you the desire to get it done.

Freshly colorfully painted rockers

A beautiful and inviting front door

Need pots for your flowers or plants here's a cheap and easy idea...
an empty litter of soda pop, hot glue and a music disk, spray paint and you have a great flower pot..

Don't throw away those old or broken high chairs....paint them and put a pot full of flowers in them...lovely.

Here are some other chairs with flowers.

and don't forget to till the ground and plat your veggies...there is nothing better than a great Fall harvest.

Have a great week.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Resurrection Eggs


This a great way to teach your little ones of Christ resurrection. I made these Resurrection Eggs a few years ago for my grand-daughters and my primary class for my Easter lesson. Each egg has a scripture and a small artifact to teach them of every event and to remind them of Christ ministry and what Easter is all about.

This is what I put inside each egg along with the scripture that goes with that event.

 No. 1...a small star...the birth of Christ.
 No. 2...a small dove...the baptism of Christ.
No. 3...a small band aid...the healing of the sick.
No. 4...2 fish crackers...the feeding of 5,000 with two fishes and 5 loaves of bread.

No. 5...a small silk flower...the garden... where He took upon Him our sins.
No. 6...a small piece of cracker... the last supper.
No. 7...a nickle...signifying when he was sold by Judas.
No. 8...a piece of brown pipe cleaner shaped into a teach of the crown of thorns placed on His head.
No. 9...a small piece of brown pipe cleaner shaped into a teach of when He was crucified.
No. 10...a dice for when the guards gambled by His feet.

No. 11...a small stone...for when the stone was rolled over on His resurrection.
And No. empty egg...the empty tomb, Christ's resurrection.

I hope you can all make this Resurrection Eggs to teach your little ones of the true meaning of Easter.


Sunday, March 22, 2015

Blog Update and Photo

I am finally back home. It has been a very strenuous last 3 months but I have slowly overcome and I know God will now solve things completely. 

After a very cold Winter I am really looking forward to some warm weather. Here at home it is still cold but the sun has been shinning a lot so it sure brings a smile to ant hermit here in Ohio.

I have been Spring cleaning all week and now I need to finish a few things on my to do list before starting to paint and stain some furniture. I am getting excited to plant my veggies and some flowers, I guess my Spring fever is bursting out.

The painting post above is a painting done by my grand-daughter Paloma. She is a very good painter and we are all hoping she takes painting and drawing as a second major in college. We all think she did a great job in making sure each detail of the hand so visible.

I hope this week brings you all peace and tranquility to you and your loved ones.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I Will Be Back Soon

Our immediate family are always in demand. We try to help them in every way we can. Due to the fact that they need their Nana at this time, I will be gone from blogging for one month in order to spend precious quality time with my son and his family. I will be back the week after Easter, so I will post then.

I want to wish you all a Happy Easter with your family and until then have a safe and spiritual Passover. 

See you in a month from now...chao.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Do We Listen To Respond?

I have observed many people who interrupt others as they are explaining something to them, just to respond to quickly without realizing its very disrespectful.  I must admit I suffer sometimes from not being a good listener and I sometimes know the ending of their story before it ends. I have learned for years now that if I look at the speaker in their eyes as they are talking and I wait to respond to their story, the interaction between both of us always becomes a positive one.

I was blessed many years ago of having a great visiting teacher who's listening ears was and still is admired by many, especially me. She not only listened carefully to your story but she responded always with positive loving words. Being a good listener is a true talent and an art form a few people in the world have...this sister had that art embedded deep inside.  

If we just take a moment to listen instead of hearing before we respond, we can show how much we  love and respect others...unconditionally.