Wednesday, March 16, 2016

We Are All Queens

Many times in our lives we do feel inadequate and unloved. We tend to sometimes push ourselves down while others do the same towards us with criticism or envy. But no matter how bad we may feel, we are all queens in God's eyes. God created women with an honorable standard, with beauty, they are long suffering, intelligent, smart, great, perfectly created, hard working women with strength and filled with a heart full of love. He created them to be strong, sensitive, soft and nurturing to raise more beautiful heirs like her.

So if you ever feel less then what He made you to be, take a moment to straighten out your crown and walk proudly because you are a queen in God's Kingdom. 


  1. we are all male and female children of God!

    1. yes Lin, but I am aiming the subject more towards women.