Sunday, June 21, 2015

What a Celebration

90 years old and still kicking...

Surprise, Surprise Aunt Felicia.

At the golden age of 90 she is still going strong. This lady is a trooper. She raised 13 children and a few she baby sat for extra money added the group to 15 kids at once. She did it all and never complained. So it was more than a joy to celebrate her 90th birthday with 11 of her children, family and friends who flew in from various parts of the states. 
Take a look at all the photos.

What a surprise, she was shocked.

Photographed with s few of her grandchildren.

Photos with 8 of her boys 

Great grand-children

Her remaining 11 children

3 of her daughters...1 is deceased.

Here are some photos of me and some of my cousins.

My aunt and her husband on their 50th anniversary many years ago.

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