Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Ideas For Summer Decorating


I hope everyone recuperated after Easter, I needed to go back to my veggies...I ate too much.
I cooked this year, my menu consisted of an international dinner:

Stir fried Chinese rice
white rice
Spanish beans
BBQ ribs
Baked salmon
A taco Mexican bar...
(complete with my homemade yam flat-bread and every veggies imaginable with grains an, salsa & sour cream)
Apple, lemon and chocolate pies
vegan ice cream and regular vanilla ice cream
Fresh Lemon/orange water

Here is a photo of my yam flat nread

Spring is here and preparing for Summer is a major task. Here are some Summer decorating ideas to give you the desire to get it done.

Freshly colorfully painted rockers

A beautiful and inviting front door

Need pots for your flowers or plants here's a cheap and easy idea...
an empty litter of soda pop, hot glue and a music disk, spray paint and you have a great flower pot..

Don't throw away those old or broken high chairs....paint them and put a pot full of flowers in them...lovely.

Here are some other chairs with flowers.

and don't forget to till the ground and plat your veggies...there is nothing better than a great Fall harvest.

Have a great week.

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