Sunday, February 22, 2015

Do We Listen To Respond?

I have observed many people who interrupt others as they are explaining something to them, just to respond to quickly without realizing its very disrespectful.  I must admit I suffer sometimes from not being a good listener and I sometimes know the ending of their story before it ends. I have learned for years now that if I look at the speaker in their eyes as they are talking and I wait to respond to their story, the interaction between both of us always becomes a positive one.

I was blessed many years ago of having a great visiting teacher who's listening ears was and still is admired by many, especially me. She not only listened carefully to your story but she responded always with positive loving words. Being a good listener is a true talent and an art form a few people in the world have...this sister had that art embedded deep inside.  

If we just take a moment to listen instead of hearing before we respond, we can show how much we  love and respect others...unconditionally.

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