Monday, October 6, 2014

I Am Different and Blessed

Hi, its been a few weeks since I blogged. Its been a bit busy here at home with church classes to prepare, church talks to give in Sacrament meeting and too many home chores have kept me very busy for the past 4 weeks. I am free now and ready to resume my blogging.

Today my post is on being unique and different.

 Being different shows off how special you are. 

Let me share with you an identity of myself.

I do not have any acquaintances I can say they are my buddies. If you know me you may consider me different, maybe a bit odd because I love being by myself. By being by myself all the time allows me to  have more time loving others more than loving me. I am happy giving my heart out to others instead of feeling sorry for my loneliness.  

Let me explain...I have never had a close friend I can call my BFF (Best Friends Forever). I am a bit over weight, I have a facial paralysis on the left side of my face and I wear steel Orthodic braces on both my legs. I suffer from severe crippling Rheumatoid Arthritis and I am grateful and blessed by being this way. I enjoy being alone, I enjoy shopping alone, spending time creating everything I can all by myself and I do not go out to eat with anyone. I always go out to eat all by myself, I am very creative, very giving, very self reliant, very outgoing and  I have over 450 friends on facebook, yet I have no close acquaintance I can call my true friend..

My life may have many thorns and crooked roads for me to travel on, but I always remember there's always someone out there who's road is far more harder to travel on. So I rise up every morning thanking God for another day of life, with a heart full of gratitude and happy to see what else can I do to make others happy. I am far more blessed than you may think, especially when I let my heart fly towards others. 

So don't dwell on your hardship...remember you are different, unique and you are a child of God. That's the greatest blessing ever.

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  1. we are each different, I think you have more friends that you realize!