Wednesday, July 9, 2014

My Homemade Bread and The Bread of Life

Several years ago I made this wonderful loaf of bread.
As  I looked at this photo I thought of the many ups and downs we each go through our daily lives. Each twist and turn in my homemade bread reflected the curves and dents that interrupts my daily plans. The darker baked areas in my bread showed me that there are times in my life which darkness will cover me with illness, pain, tears and bruises. The separations in my bread showed me the many times I have separated myself from God, family and friends, when I do not pray, when I do not call or visit my family and friends, and the many times God speaks to me and I do not stop to listen. As the crust in my bread gets harder so does my life when I forget to ask God for help.  
 Jesus Christ is the BREAD OF LIFE
He is my soul and my song
and through HIM I can partake of the bread in life 
more easier, more lovingly and more peacefully as each stone gets thrown before me. 

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