Friday, May 16, 2014

Never Ending Household Chores

So a woman's work is never finished...I believe that.
I often wonder where does the time goes?
 It seems like when I was working 8 to 10 hours a day, 6 days a week I had more than enough time to complete my full time work, keep up a 3 bedroom house, I raise my children, did all my household chores, I attend all the kids school games & activities, I exercised for 2 hours everyday and all my responsibilities at church was always done. Now that I am retired, time goes by too fast and I cannot get all that I did then finished in one day or one week.
 What is happening?
I still keep up with my 3 blogs every week, I do genealogy once a week, I fulfill all my callings on a weekly & monthly bases at church, I keep a one bedroom apartment in order and clean and I help a lot of people along the way. But the crazy thing is that I did all this along with my job and my kids. For some reason it seems like I am always behind.
I feel that age is finally creeping up on me and each day is not enough to finish all that I must do.
This week I did:
vacuumed every day
mopped the kitchen & bathroom twice
dusted/cleaned mirrors 
cleaned the bathroom 3 time
planted flowers & vegetables
did a primary lesson
 organized and relined all my kitchen cupboards
 filed a basket full of important papers
cleaned up the office
balanced the checkbook
and I cleaned the car.
This does not include cooking and running errands. For the next 2 weeks the list is larger.
 I am now 57 years old and for the past 50 years I have been doing these chores on a weekly bases.
 I am so tired of them.
 I really need a vacation. I need not to think for one entire day about anything, I just need to rest and sleep.
Maybe I can plan for this sometime soon.

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  1. do plan a vacation-you need one...wait till you're 73 and you'll slow down even!