Sunday, October 13, 2013

How Quickly They Grow Up

Its October, the leaves are falling and another year is slowly coming to an end. As the years go by I realize they are going by so quickly that I cannot catch up with everything around me. This last Sept. 25 my oldest grand-daughter turned 14 years old. On the top picture she was only 7 years old and  now she's fourteen.
She's all grown up with her mind set straight into college to study Forensic Medicine. She is very smart and loves to read...yes, she's a book worm. She loves horses and competes every year at the Huron County Fair, always winning blue & yellow ribbons for her miniature horses. I am very proud of Paloma even though my big baby girl is growing up to fast and getting older. I pray that all her dreams may come true and that she fulfills all her studies in Medicine.
Happy Birthday Paloma.


  1. Right before your very eyes, they grow, mature and blossom! I have twin grand daughters who are now 15.5 years old...

    1. Yes Lin they sure grow up right before your eyes. Enjoy your cute twins.