Sunday, August 11, 2013

A Home is Where You Hang Your Heart

I came across this beautifully painted staircase on facebook. This photo made me realize how we often get caught up in the world, while neglecting the important things that make a house a home, our children and the values we teach them.
Times has changed and Satan has justified everything by making us believe "its all do to modern times."  Most of society now is living for the rush of the moment, never thinking about tomorrow. Families now rarely sit down together for an intimate dinner and conversation. They rarely talk to each other since now texting is much faster. And they rarely see their families since everyone has their own life to live. Yet the joy of calling home and hearing their loved one's voice on the other end of the phone is far to much of a bother for many. Sometimes the young ones forget that their folks are older and lonely,  rarely visiting them.
A house is built upon a foundation, it has walls, doors, windows and essential elements that make our house a comfortable place to live. But a home is composed of joy, compassion, hugs, I'm sorry's and smiles. It vibrates peace, understanding, togetherness and an occasional tear.
But most of all a home has love. 
Once we forget on how to make our house a home like the staircase says, we then begin to raise children in a world infested with plagues. When the words on the staircase is not being taught from the highchair, the little apples begin to rot by the tree and then we as parents begin to question... "what happened, what did I do wrong?"
I think before we questioned ourselves on where did we go wrong, lets take the words on the staircase as a foundation on how to raise good moral people. And even though we did everything right to keep them on the straight and narrow path and the children still go astray, we can at least be at peace knowing that we tried to do it right planting seeds in their hearts that may someday take root.

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