Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Cute Decorating Ideas

Last week I came upon these great decorating ideas that I truly loved and I had to share.
1. I saw this and I first thought it was painted on the stairs, but it isn't. These adorable mice running around are actually decals anyone can purchase through http://marthasteward.com
Only Martha would come up with this...its so cute.
2. I came across this beautiful sofa constructed in wood and then the cushions were added. I love it and yes I want this for my living room and it will be on my "get list" for the apartment. 

I have done this ceramic work before on my old dining room table, but this cute design is very nicely done...I love it.  

Cheap, durable and so easy to do.  Just by a couple of differnt size PVC pipes and cut them in smaller pieces, glue them together with a heavy duty plastic glue and then screw it to the wall. I am doing this in my kitchen to divide the kitchen from the living room...love it

Some old windows can become a piece of art after placing some family photos in the back of them, add some wooden letters spelling out "FAMILY" and you have a gorgeous family wall.


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