Monday, March 25, 2013

Peace and Serenity

As I look into this beautiful misty grove of trees and the peace it instills, it reminds me of the peace and serenity our lives can be, if we only stop to feel spirit and our soul.
Sometimes we as humans load up too many carts full of unnecessary weight upon our shoulders. We tend to do it all at once not realizing God stretches our day to fit our schedules and our needs.
As I age I noticed that I must do lists for everything. If I don't I will forget what really needs to be done that day. I always prepare a weekly list for the store, errands, cleaning and cooking, but I have come to realize everything will get done at its due time but not like we planned it.
Today I had a list of things that needed to be done in the house like finishing my Spring cleaning, but as I started in the kitchen this morning a lot of other things got done and my "to do" list never got started. The sad thing is that all these things that needed to be done will now be piled upon the rest of the weekly chores...making it even more heavier upon my shoulders
I know that God will see me through and as we continue to pile our shoulders with so much on our "to do" list, let us never forget to stop for a moment throughout the day to enjoy a peaceful time with our thoughts and our spirits as we all seek for peace and serenity throughout our day.

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  1. we all need to do lists for our real priorities and not just necessities!