Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year, New Chores To Complete

Every year I spend both January and February months cleaning and organizing my home. Last year as you remember I spent the entire month of January organizing photos by events, trips and other occasions and then I put them all in brand new acid free albums. That was a major chore but I was so happy when it was completed. This is only a few of them, the other half of albums are in the other library case...34 albums in total.
 Then last February I shredded a lot of unnecessary file and papers, renamed the files with new tags and properly organized all of my church files by subjects, lessons and visual aids. That was another big chore accomplished.
This January its been a chore full of painting projects that were put on hold that needed to be done. I finally painted this lamp in a lighter color and a new shade made it all pretty again.
I also repainted my large black dresser and side night stand.
I organized on the top suitcase all of my sewing needs. The second one now houses all of my ribbons. And the bottom one has my tablecloths.
I love baskets they do make any space more homier.
I also organized, cleaned well and replenished my food storage and closets with many things that were needed.
This next week my chore is to re-upholster the large black & white cube box you see on the side of these baskets, paint 2 living room tables and wallpaper the back wall inside my library cases.
I love this time of the year when my total devotion is to my home. Hope to see you soon and have a pleasant week.


  1. progress-you are ambitious. I'm still trying to organize my desk AGAIN!

    1. oh Lin the desk never seems to be organized at my house. I clean and rearrange it trying to make it look decent almost everyday, and it still looks like its never been done. Its a never ending task that never reaches the finish line like laundry.