Sunday, January 27, 2013

Joy and Happiness

When I was around 4 years old I woke up on Christmas morning to find in a shoe box a beautiful complete porcelain tea set. This little tea set had little roses painted around the center. To me they were the most beautiful cups I had ever seen. Though I was very young then and now I'm 56 years old, that little tea set has never left my mind and to this day I still smile when I think of them.

I remember spending many hours every day playing with my baby dolls, serving them some delicious tea from my beautiful tea cups and hugging my dolls with much joy, love and happiness.
 I wish I had that little tea set with me today, I would display it on a tea cart for others to see what truly brought much joy and happiness to my life.
In our earthly life many things makes us happy and brings much joy. New shoes, diamonds, a new house, a boat, a cruise, money and many more materialistic items can make us happy; but this joy is only temporary and it satisfies us for only a short time. Then we become sad and discouraged and we then seek and yearn for more and bigger things to make us happy. Yet no matter how much we get nothing seems to fill our lives with "true" happiness.
"True" happiness is often found and rarely lost if that's what we truly seek for.
 It never fails that a lovely homemade Birthday card from our children makes us cry, that a school project made just for us for Mother's Day brings a smile to our faces, that an unexpected phone call from our children or grandchildren just to say "Love you Grandma and Grandpa" makes our heart beat faster or homemade cupcakes made just for us to celebrate a special occasion makes us love them even more then we did yesterday.
These small "PRICELESS" acts of love and kindness bring "PURE" joy and happiness to our lives. These small acts of love outweighs any price, any diamond and any money on earth.
Though earth drenches us with many things that can bring instant happiness, nothing in this world can bring true happiness than the joy of family unity and the loving acts of kindness we can give one another.

My tea set doesn't exist anymore but the joy and happiness it brought me when I was a little girl was pure joy and happiness. I now feel like Dorothy's ruby red slippers, I can click my photographic memory and go back in time when I played with my baby dolls and my rose painted tea set to make me happy with much joy to last me for all eternity.

Just like Dorothy, the memories I have of my family is all I need to make my dreams come true forever. I can click my photographic memory and go back in time, playing with my baby dolls and my porcelain rose painted tea set to make me happy for all eternity.

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