Sunday, February 12, 2012

Why Mormons Encourage Their Children Education

I received an email the other day asking me why Mormons always seek to obtain the best education they can?

Receiving this email from a reader made me decide to address this question on my blog.

First...let me say that as Latter Day Saints we have many goals we want to achieve in life.

One goal we try to achieve in life is to make sure our children strive to get the best education or skill they can get to make them good outstanding contributing people in society. We encourage them to make goals in life, education and of course spiritual goals.  Education is on our top ten list of priorities in life and we encourage this goal very seriously.  

Let me address why education is so important.

A good education can open many doors for anyone in life. It enables the individual to seek greater levels of status in society, it promotes higher job levels in the workplace, it allows the person to obtain a better salary, it enables the individual to enjoy a better way to live, it allows the person to have good medical care, it is a great way to educate their future generation and it gives them the desire to reach goals in life that cannot be reached without having a good education. With that being said lets see why we "MORMONS" promote education to our children.

 As Latter Day Saints we believe first of all in being self reliant at all times. We rely and depend on a good education to provide our families with a better way of life while providing a more comfortable way to live from a good education.

We seek for a better security nest to sustain us financially through our golden years, but what makes us seek good education is knowing that the knowledge we obtain spiritually and the educative knowledge is all we will take with us when we die.

No matter how much money we may have and how well we live  "KNOWLEDGE"
is the most important thing we seek for to take with us when we depart this world.

Education allows us to live more at ease knowing our families have what they need to provide, protect and sustain them while they are being raised and with a good education they can educate their future generation.

Education encourages children to depend on themselves and not on others. We as Latter Day Saints strive to avoid debt and we do not  try to depend on government help if we can avoid it.

 Education enables us to live a little more comfortable while doing it in a modest and thankful way.

 By obtaining a good education, it has taught us the value of work, the value of earning an honest living  and an overwhelming amount of respect towards those who work hard in trying to succeed in life.

The joy of our education comes from seeking within the best books we can ever find...the Scriptures.

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  1. yes, education is so important. I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college. now all four of my sons have graduated...on to the grandchildren...