Thursday, January 26, 2012

Crazy Weather

Two year ago at this time my cousins who are in this picture were building an igloo with the snow  we had the night before. But to our surprise the weather out here in Cleveland has changed and some of us  are wearing shorts and have opened our windows to allow the warm weather in. That is crazy. I have been wearing shorts because our temperatures have been rising up to 60 degrees with sunshine or snow.

I personally love the Winter season, it is usually a time of rest, a time to recollect of the events of the past year in our journals, a time to prepare for the rest of the new year and a time to physically improve our looks. But it seems that we are spending more time outside than inside, making our preparation time for the following Summer take a backseat on our to do list. What is happening here?

As we enjoy this wonderful weather, we must also prepare for the next 2 months that can sneak in a few snow storms to keep us buried in the house for a long time.

So if this time of the year is good for you as it is for me, then seriously you may want to think about cleaning out and stocking up your food storage. Enjoy the weather shopping and replenishing your storage with all your food, medical and water needs. Tomorrow may be to late.

Have a good day. 

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  1. good advice. we live where there is little winter but hot hot summers...