Sunday, December 4, 2011

20 Days of Holiday Decorating, Post #5...Vintage Christmas Trees & Ornaments

If you are in your 40's and over many of these beautiful vintage ornaments may bring back many memories of Christmas past. Some of these ornaments may still be in your possessions, passed down to you by your ancestors. Whether your a lover of antique ornaments or not, these ornaments are the prettiest ones around. They can be found in any Thrift store...but be careful they may be expensive. So if you have a few of these ornaments, hold on to them they are worth some bucks.


  1. Oh they absolutely are enjoying the songs and they adore the magnetic paper dolls!! We were out of town again this weekend...but hoping to get some rest tonight to start into a brand new week. I really enjoyed all of these ornaments!! I definitely have not one but two of those ceramic christmas trees that light up!

  2. I have some ornaments like this from my grandma. I love them. They are beautiful and add character to my tree. I have a pink one that says merry Chrstimas on it like it the second collage picture.

  3. I remember bubble lights and breakable ornaments. Did make some styrofoam ornaments with tooth picks too. Fun memories.