Monday, October 17, 2011

The Lord Answers Prayers

After a wonderful and spiritual Stake Conference last Sunday, I was asked by one of the Bishopric counselors if I would give a talk the following Sunday on any of the General Conference talks given this  October. After saying yes to the request my mind began to think about some of the talks that were given that weekend that really touched me.
Two talks immediately came to my mind and after listening to both talks on the Internet that night I felt inclined towards one talk in particular; President Ucthdorf's talk "You Matter To Him" was the talk I needed to share in Sacrament. For the next two days I heard over and over his talk and by the end of the second day my talk was all put together.

 I prepared myself with lots of prayer and by studying the scriptures. After reviewing my talk over and over again I began to feel an intense reassurance of the power of prayer.

This last Sunday I gave my 15 minute talk. It went well and since I had the audience full attention, I knew I was okay and they were being spiritually fed. 

Unexpectedly I received a beautiful email letter from a sister in our ward who wrote that since last week she had been feeling very lonely and discouraged. She said that as soon as she sat in the church pew she began to pray silently for peace and some answers to her prayers.

She expressed how my talk answered her prayer and that she was grateful for calming her aching heart.

What she doesn't know is that in my prayers throughout the week I had asked God to allow someone in the congregation to be touched by my words and His Spirit. I was so moved to hear that the soul that needed it the most sat in our congregation on Sunday. I was deeply grateful. 

 I learned a long time ago to never decline the moment when you are asked to give a talk in church. God knew this sister needed a boost of encouragement, she needed to fill her empty bucket with love mixed with a large amount of strength to carry her.

We both agreed that the power of prayer is real and that our testimonies were both strengthened by it..   

If you wish to hear this talk go directly to and click into October 2011 General Conference. Then click unto on "You Matter Yo Me" by President Ucthdorf.


  1. I love his talks, good work...being sensitive to the spirit. You need to share this with jocelyn's friend.