Wednesday, August 3, 2011

An Ancient Legend and The Story of Two Nations Become One

When I lived in Puerto Rico with my grandmother, I had the privilege of attending school there for 5 years. Throughout those years I learned to read, write and speak the Spanish language fluently. One of the greatest gifts I learned in school was the history of my ancestors. Throughout these intense studies of my ancestral background I learned of a nation of people that lived in the Western Hemisphere thousands of years before Christ.  My Social Studies book spoke of two types of people that lived in this southern part of the world and these two communities where defined by their dark and light skin.

 Ancient legends from my ancestors and those history books in my Social Studies class also spoke of a White God that had visited from the sky and while He was here He taught them the knowledge of agriculture, religion and pottery. The story of this white God coming to visit these people, not only did He teach them about religion, agriculture and how to make pottery...but He also taught them how to build homes, sacred altars for prayer and temples.

This history class was engraved deep within my heart and brain by my teachers, and they also asked us to never forget what we were being taught and to try to pass it down unto our future generations.

45 Years later two Mormon missionaries told me a story about two nations that lived here in America and how Jesus Christ had come here to teach these people religion so they could return to Heavenly Father's glory, agriculture so they could harvest their food and pottery.

****LIGHT BULB!!!!!****

The story of these two nations that had lived here in America  blew my away.  As these two missionaries kept talking about these two nations the Nephites...who had light skin and the Lamanites...who had dark made me so happy. They also told me of how Jesus Christ came here after His resurrection...suddenly this information made my heart beat faster as my brain jump back 45 years in time towards my Social Studies class.

When I put two and two together I realized that the stories I was taught in the school system there and by my ancestors in Puerto Rico of a white God appearing in America thousands of years ago was true. This burst of knowledge intrigued me and I had a desire to learn more. For 1 entire year I was taught the gospel of Jesus Christ, I attended the Mormon church every Sunday and the more I studied the more questions I had.  But on June 4, 1984 I knew I had to enter the waters of baptism. I became a member of  the Lord's true church...The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints with an open heart knowing I had finally found the truth filled with happiness.

Its been 27 years since my baptism and till this day my testimony still burns just as strong as it did the first day I sat with those missionaries and heard that story. A testimony that has strengthened my faith and has helped me to endure some of the most heartfelt tragedies anyone could go through in life. I have also learned a lot about the church, its history and my culture while studying Ancient history. I have gain a testimony of the church, of its teachings, of its correct and orderly organization, and I have grown spiritually through every calling I have been called to serve in.

If any of you are searching for truth and knowledge call The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints to learn the truth of who you are and why we are here. Both the Book of Mormon and the Bible testify of Jesus Christ and you will learn why these two books must inter twin with one another.

That white God that came to teach in the Western Hemisphere was Jesus Christ.      

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  1. thanks for sharing your conversion story, i'm taking some book of mormon on my trip to iceland later this month to share...