Sunday, April 17, 2011

Holy Week...The Savior of the World

The King of Kings is Born

As there was no room in the Inn, a stable was his bed.

When Mary and Joseph arrived in Bethlehem, they searched for a place to stay. Mary and Joseph looked everywhere, but all the inns were full for the night.  Finally an in keeper said to them, "You can stay in my stable with the animals." Having no other place to go Mary and Joseph decided to stay there that night and as the angel Gabriel had promised,  Mary gave birth to a baby boy which they named Jesus. Mary wrapped her baby in strips of linen cloth to keep him warm.  This was an ancient practice done in those days to keep an infant's arms and legs from moving so they would grow straight and strong.

The scene was stark and moving, Jesus was the Son of God and He had come into the world as a helpless baby boy lying in a manger. Suddenly the night sky filled with lights and nearby shepherds came to see the newborn child. But only Mary knew who He truly was.

After Jesus was born a large beautiful star glowed brightly in the sky

 Jesus was also known by many beautiful names:

The Savior of the world


Wonderful Savior

The Messiah

The Son

Angel of God




Redeemer of the world

The Great Redeemer

The Bread of Life

Lord of Lords

Alpha & Omega



Son of God


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