Sunday, February 13, 2011

Simple Decorating Tip with the Gospel in Mind

We have always been consoled to keep the gospel featured some way throughout our home. Finding the right gospel pictures and decorations to blend in with our color scheme and decor can be sometimes difficult without going overboard with it. 

I have always had some photographs displayed throughout the house, but when Billy took this picture of the Toronto Temple, I knew I needed to enlarge it and display it in my home.

This picture was a small 4x6 picture taken by Billy with an inexpensive disposable camera . When Billy went to the Toronto Temple open house I did not go with him.  At the time I was still mourning the loss of my son who had passed away just a few months before and I just had no desire to go anywhere in public at the time. Billy went with our church Elders along with about 15 other youth kids from our ward. I gave Billy a cheap disposable camera to take with him, but when I developed the photos, I was immediately in love with this photograph of the new temple. I had it enlarged into an 8x10 and then I took it to Michael's Craft Store to have it matted and framed. It came out beautiful and until this day my temple picture hangs beautifully in my living for everyone to see. 

Just one simple picture of the Temple is all we need to teach everyone about the gospel, especially our children. This picture has allowed me to teach the gospel to so many non members.  It has allowed me to share our beliefs, to share my testimony of the temple and to share with them why we go there.

If there's one picture you want to put in your home to add not only beauty to your decor and a great gospel sharing conversation, that is a picture of the temple. There are so many temples to choose from and no matter which one you choose for your home, it will be the perfect choice for you.


  1. we have a photo of the st. george temple in our home and it reminds us of promised blessings...and eternal families

  2. Great ideas as always!...i busted my thumb soicanttype! Happy vday!