Friday, February 4, 2011

Are You Prepared for Death?


We often procrastinate many things by going through life thinking I will do it tomorrow.

 But what would happen if tomorrow you do not wake up in the morning to do those things you needed to do?

Many of you know how much I love broaches. I love them so much that I had too many of them, so I decided to clean out my jewelry boxes.

When my grand-daughters were here this week they found many of my broaches out on the dresser and since my grand-daughter Natalia loves my collection, she asked me if she could have one to wear, so I told her that she could pick as many as she wanted from the ones I was going to give away. She was thrilled to have the chance of choosing among so many of them.  She chose 4 of them and by doing I realized I could can leave my collection to her on the day I die. I must write that out on my wish paper in my safe so no one gets to them, only her. I have a few nice pieces of earrings to give Paloma and 2  rings that was passed down to me by my mother.

One of those rings used to belong to her mother's. It is a large square emerald stone on a fetergree silver base which is about 80 years old.  The other ring was my mother's retirement ring that was given to her by her staff workers and bosses at Leigh University. It is a gold ring with 3 black diamond shaped stones and my mother's.

Natalia will get my broach collection, She will also get my mother's cultured pearl earrings, plus my 18 kt. gold Valentino bracelet. They will both divide all my earrings and bracelets.

Many of you may be stunned about my early decisions on some material things before my death, but we have been counseled many times to always be prepared in case.

Its not hard for me to decide about these things now because I do not want to die and leave everything to be decided later. It is all written out on my wish list and placed in my safe with my life insurance and funeral arrangements.

If you do not have a will or if you do not have your wishes written out, please take a moment to do so,   for every one's peace of mind. You will also teach your little ones by be prepared for tomorrow just in case tomorrow never comes.  



  1. I agree with you totally. My DH's mother had all kinds of notes attached to items in her home. Many of the items had been passed down from several generations. She left it up to the boys to divy up any way they saw fit.