Sunday, August 1, 2010

Good Organizational Tips* for Your Home Office

Keeping a good organized home office is sometimes difficult, especially if 2 or more people are using it. I have found that by organizing all my office needs by categories allows me to function in that space so much more efficiently. Here are four essential criteria to consider when planning to have a home office. I have also some helpful tips on how to keep your office functioning properly.

1.  Prioritize the things that ONLY pertain to your office needs. Avoid having extra items in your office that do not pertain to the office space. This keeps the office clean, uncluttered and is always open for business.

2. Purchase file cabinets, colorful filing boxes, office desk supplies, manila files & hanging files, labels, legal pads, colored markers, & some nice wicker baskets.

3.  Clean out & organize your office once a week. This is a habit we must all practice. Your office is part of your home so keep it clean and organized at all times.   

4. Paint, decorate, and make your work space should feel & look inviting. It should be a place for you  to sit, work and to enjoy while you are there.

Here are some necessary items you will need in your office: 

1. File cabinets are essential in every office space. This is an area in which you can allow your mind to expand itself , a place to file your important papers,  an organizational space where your church topics are safe, office supplies can also be stored here, scrap booking papers-card stock & laminate sheets. File cabinets are great to conceal those papers that do not need to be seen.

2. Bulletin Boards, eraser boards & hanging files, storage boxes and wicker baskets are great to post note & hang things in. Bulletin boards can hold many important to do lists that need to be done, you can post photographs, important dates to be remember, a place to hang your yearly calender and so much more. Eraser boards are great to have when in need to quickly write a note, an appointment, a thought or a recipe...this board can be a life saver. Hanging files or baskets can keep files, papers, large manila files and office supplies can be neatly  stored away.

3. Always remember to purchase every year a large desk calender. These calenders will surely keep your appointments and daily tasks in order. They are an important part of any office.

4. Keep a nice organized desk with an electric sharpener, sharpened pencils, pens, white out, scratch-paper, index cards, staples, scissors, scotch tape holder, stamps, envelopes (large & small), highlighters, and a ruler. Having these items at your reach can eliminate spending time searching for them. Time is too precious to waste unnecessarily.

5. Writing pads are also needed in an office. Make lists of things that need to be done on a weekly bases and then add them to your desk calender.  Assign a day you will tackle those tasks and do them. Scratch them off when they are completed.

6. Prepare a mailing & filing station in your office. List them as going out mail, parties & reunions, classes to teach/ topics, appointments, grocery lists, house needs, bills, and miscellaneous. A good organized office can  makes our lives easier and more prosperous.

7. One thing I keep in my office is a set of old scriptures and a daily devotional of spiritual poems. When I take a moment to sit back in my office... I prop up my feet and read. I can enjoy a moment with the Savior in my pretty office. It is nice, peaceful and so good.

Enjoy your office, be happy there and let those creative juices flow as you write.

Have a Happy Day!

On Wednesday the 4th of August, I will be going in the hospital for back surgery. It will be a while before I can get to the computer again,  since I will be bedridden for a while. Any prayer you say on my behalf will be extremely appreciated. Thank you.    


  1. thanks for inspiration to organize the home office-good suggestion to clean it up weekly. that's one I miss. best wishes and prayers for a speedy recovery.