Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Family....Celebrating my Aunt Felicia's "84" Birthday

The family.. an organization composed of a few or many people respecting, helping and watching over each other surrounded by God's love. It is a unit interlocked by strong woven threads that cannot be unraveled.

 In our family we have a good unity and most of us are Christians. Dispit our differences in religion and spiritual beliefs, we have all learned to love one another unconditionally. I personally may not agree with their  teachings but I feel they should be respected and loved no matter what they believe or what they feel is right.

My entire extended family believes and belongs to an array of different religious organizations. In our family we have Catholics, Penechostals, Born Again Christians, Jehova Witnesses, Buddist, New Age Christians, & many more others. But when we get together our religious beliefs are set aside in all our converstions and we only exude a caring love for one another. That is being a family...a family in Christ.

In this photo there is only a hand full of us. The rest of the family arrived after this photo was taken. When we all get together for our yearly reunion we can easily exceed over 75 members. And that becomes the best event of the year...all the time.

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  1. family is what it's all about, learning to love and live with our differences...