Wednesday, September 16, 2009

In Memory of Sammy's Birthday

The years have passed by mighty quickly but the memories and the love that you left behind will forever live in our hearts.

Sammy’s Birthday will be on Monday September 21st. He would of been celebrating his 35th birthday, but God had other plans for him far more important than the ones we had planned in his life. In his honor today I am posting a few photographs of our baby boy and as he now serves his spiritual mission with the Lord, we will work hard each day to spiritually have the gift of being united with him and the Lord once again as a family forever.


I was a dreamer

A comedian

A muscle man

A brother

A Charmer
A water lover
Mom's little angel
A fighter
And don't ever forget that I love you too.
September 21, 1974
Families are forever.

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