Thursday, January 17, 2019

New Updates

Hi everyone, I'm finally back.

My computer for some reason unknown did not want to turn on, then one day I thought let me turn it on again and it worked. I cleaned it well with my antivirus and malware and it is working fine, after not having a computer since Dec. 24th. It was crazy not being able to update my blogs and not being able to do my genealogy. But I am back and ready to work hard this year on my computer.

It's been a busy year so far. I had my family here for Christmas, it was a full house but a happy joyful one. 
I have finally overcome an allergic reaction that drove me insane. You can see by my photo my red neck, that is my allergic reaction to an unknown food item.

It was painful and very itchy. Thank God it is now gone after 4 weeks.

I am also going to have my fourth rotator cuff surgery. My car accident from Sept. 1, messed up my shoulder and I am going into the operating room on Feb.1. It has been a painful outcome thanks to a person who did not yield before rushing out into a four-lane road hitting me and destroying my car.
My car was totaled but I now have a new car...Yippie!

Trying to get everything done here at home before surgery has been difficult but it is getting done.
Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and have a good January.

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  1. blessings and a quick recovery from your upcoming surgery...