Friday, July 14, 2017

Siesta Spanish Yoga, Asleep with Blinders On

As the world goes about their own way, we go about ours. 

When I approached another weekend, I realized that each week that goes by is a week to never return. So I started to think...what do I do to make my week a week of enrichment. An enrichment that will not only sustain me through the next day but that will fill my heart with greatness and strength. 

We as humans tend to slip into what I call a "Siesta" Spanish yoga"...a time of dormant and laziness. It's as if we shut down our entire body mechanism and we become zombies.

* Our brain doesn't work unless we pray first.

*Our body doesn't move unless we feed it and exercise it first by check our emails so we can put those fingers to work replying to each letter by hand...typical human tendencies now.

Our mouth doesn't begin to pour out words unless we revitalize our brain and body first.

And our thoughts are frozen in time unless we read the scriptures to melt away the ice cubes that have frozen our brain cells.

That's why we are all experiencing "Siesta Spanish yoga".

Though many of us open our minds, brain and our day with prayer, many don't. They start their day just like they ended it, asleep and with blinders that do not let you focus one one side or the other. Unable to see the truth.

But if they only knew the enrichment they would obtain from beginning the day with God and ending it in His Holy name, they would understand the absolute enrichment us Christians have.
An enrichment that last forever and ever.

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