Sunday, July 2, 2017

Plant Regrowing, Great First Harvest and Some Free Stuff

Good Day Everyone.

Well Summer has arrived but this heat does not make this my best time of the year, I prefer Fall or Spring. These sunny days are surely making our plants greener and smiling with happiness.  I had the great time this last week cutting my first little harvest of cilantro, basil and oregano. I just love these herbs and spices for cooking.

But I first want to tell you of my regrowing romaine lettuce from the base of 2 romaine lettuce plants I cut up some romaine to make my salad and I remembered seeing on youtube that you can regrow romaine lettuce by putting them in water or dirt. So I thought I would try it. I put 3 toothpicks on the top part of the lettuce trunk and I floated them in water. Within days I begin to see the new leave coming up. This was my plant and it did get very big and very full, so I ended up eating it in my next salad. So this last Monday I planted it in pots and it is growing again. I hope you can try this the next time you cut up your romaine lettuce.

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Here is my first picking of my cilantro. It is not much since it was grown in a small pot in my balcony.


Here is my little bit of basil that I picked this week. I just love cilantro and basil for cooking. 

Look at my oregano plant its growing beautifully. 

And this last week I got 18 deodorants for free thanks to a $1 off manufacturer coupons and a $1.00 sale at Drug Mart Pharmacy. So happy for that.

I hope your week continues to go great and until next week, have a great day.

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  1. how fun to cook with fresh herbs that you grew yourself...