Thursday, July 27, 2017

May Peace Be With You

Peace, a ray of sunshine, a moment of bliss and tranquility.

Every night as our bodies retire to our beds, our brain is still in full swing.  This mass of blood vessels called the brain never shuts off .  Our brain is like a small computer chip, it records what we  see, what we hear and what we feel. Even though we shut our eyes at night and we think our bodies have calmed down; our brain's subconsciousness automatically begin to recycle everything we did throughout the day. Our daily routine of running back and forth has consumed us of all our strength depleting us of all our desires to seek for peace. Peace within ourselves and peace with God.

In these latter days peace is seldom obtained because we are so amused with today's technology, music, social media and vanity.  We as humans forget to stop and smell the roses, we forget to refuel our hearts with love and memories and we forget to re-energize this beautiful body that was given to us. We forget to shut down the world around us with the idea that we are going to miss something everyone else knows of. We need to stop drowning ourselves into so much daily unnecessary and unfulfilled tasks that drains our bodies and our spirituality. 

Peace brings good thoughts and clarity, good judgments and good mental and physical stability. Peace brings good health and much joy. 

May peace be with you all.

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