Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Raw Diet Going Well

Hi everyone,

I am so excited that this is week 3 on my raw vegan diet. I lost 6 lbs. in the first 2 weeks.
The diet consist of eating raw foods all week and on Sundays you can eat your cooked food. Throughout the week I do not eat sugar, oils, salt and no cooked food. I can eat all the calories I want from my raw vegetables and calorie count. And let me tell you my face is thinner, my tummy dropped and I feel more energetic than ever. And though I was suffering with much pain due to my R. Arthritis, since I been on the diet i haven't had pain and I haven't had any pain medication. Love the diet. Go to youtube and put on your search engine "fullyraw with Kristina". I am following her raw diet plan. She is terrific.

I juice once a week some organic carrots and apples and I drink it twice a day or I pour it into my vegetable and fruit smoothies..delicious.

no sugar added.

I eat lots of fresh salads

a delicious raw dinner

lovely and I ate it all.

one Sunday i made sloppy Joe's with macaroni and tofu with spices and sweet relish juice served with homemade gluten free vegan bread.

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  1. sounds good...i need to do something to loose weight...