Monday, May 8, 2017

Mom's 80th Surprise Birthday Party

Hi everyone,

 My life has been on the go for the past 2 weeks and now it has finally settled down. We received a phone call 3 weeks ago from my brother Sam asking us to please go down to Pennsylvania on the last weekend of  April to celebrate my Mother's 80th birthday.

This invitation had me in kayos changing my entire schedule for that week in order to fit into Mom's special day. But after getting everything here in order, riding down to PA (8 hour trip)and then coming back home 4 days later (another 8 hour trip), we were exhausted. Nevertheless we did it and now we are back home safe and sound.

We had a wonderful 4 days at my brother's house which my mom joined us for the last 2 days was a great time to be with the family.

Surprise MOM!!!!

Here's grandma with her 3 children and her grand babies.

Grandma & grand kids, two are missing.

Mom and her 3 kids

Wonderful lunch with the family.

My Mom and my brother's Mother in law...she's a gem.

Mom, my sister in-law Millie and her mom.

Make a wish Mom

It was a great weekend.

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  1. how fun and how special for your mom. I have 3 years till my 80, it comes fast!