Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Giving and Serving When Needed

 Inspirational Post

I've been in a movable state. Movable to pray more, read more the scriptures and to unite myself more in the gift of giving to those in need.

 I learned a few months ago that in my apt. complex lives two older gentlemen in their late 80's. 
I realized through some of our conversations that they rarely see their family and are struggling to overcome loneliness and depression. 

Through this acknowledgement, I made it a mission to myself to watch over them as much as I can when their daily caretakers are not with them. I had been praying a lot for Christ to show me when others are in need. I guess this is answer to my prayers.

I have always cooked three times a week since I am alone and when I make a lot of food I always freeze it for the day I do not want to cook. But now that these gentlemen are alone, I make more food and at least three times a week I take these two gentlemen a good hot homemade meal. I also try to keep them company when they are sitting in the front of the building alone and my time with them has been a great pleasure to me. I have learned how they grew up, how they lived when they were  married and how they feel inside now that they are older. I have also learned how many tears they have shed when they are in their lonely state.
This last week I baked these apple banana cookies in which they loved. 

In order to serve the Lord we do not need to go on a mission in another country. We as mature people who are alone  can serve our missions by doing genealogy, caring for the needy, caring for your elderly neighbor, by indexing and helping those mothers that are going crazy everyday with her precious babies.

The Lord only ask us to keep the commandments, to serve our fellow and to love one another.
Serve Him, serve your neighbor, serve the needy, serve in any way you can...just serve.

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  1. beautiful story of loving service to others...