Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Growing Older Each Day

Hi everyone.

In our lives we experience so much ups and downs and this also goes with our health. One day we feel great and we feel like turning the house around; yet there are some days that we feel as if we cannot get out of bed, wishing we could turn to the other side and sleep some more. Unfortunately many of you do have to rise from bed each morning for work, wishing you could stay home. 

After 35 years of working 8 t0 10 hours a day on my feet as a hair designer, I also wished at that time I could of stayed in bed.  

Our bodies go through so many changes in the course of our lives. We have the ability to be invisible when we are kids, rebellious when we are teens, responsible when we mature with strength and the go power when we are raising children. We then relieved ourselves from all these responsibilities when we are done working and raising our children but then when we get older we go back to our childhood as we age and die. 

Now that I am in the golden age category I can feel pains in places I never knew it could ever exist in with the change of weather; and the noise of small children whining and crying drives me insane. 
I think this is part of aging or what everyone calls the golden years.  I accepted my aging with much love and being able to rest and sleep I want to is so great. But there's times when I want to sleep in the mornings but after rising up at 4am to get ready for work for 35 years, sleeping in never occurs. 

So why can't we be like flowers. All they need is a fertile ground, water and sunshine to grow and to always look beautiful. Unfortunately we must grow old and die in order for us to be beautiful again someday in his presence. Until then, moisturizers keep us wrinkle free, Ben Gay is the man we snuggle with at night and vitamins keep s us in touch with good health.

Those are my golden years.

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