Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Recap & Photos

 Hi Everyone,

Sure hope this Christmas was a lovely one for you all. 
Here at home it was another quiet Christmas Eve, but Christmas day it was a very hectic one for me in the kitchen. It was also a very funny day with lots of laughter and a very filling day with all the food you can eat.  I only have one son and he has two lovely daughters, so dinner composed of only  the four of us. For dinner I made a typical Puerto Rican feast....Spanish rice, BBQ ribs, a large tossed salad, fried ripe plantains, Gluten free-vegan lentil-black bean burgers, homemade bread, Pumpkin pie, Raw apple cream cheese pie and lots of vegan vanilla & brownie cookie do ice cream. My son and my oldest grand-daughter Paloma are not gluten free vegans, but my youngest grand-daughter and I are...that's why there had to be food for both of our diets to eat. I love cooking for my family and cooking a lot of food is my joy.  After a great dinner, gifts were exchanged mixed with lots of laughs and much hugging and smothering together and taking photos made our day complete.

Nana and her chicks
Sorry for my hair but I haven't been able to style it since my rotator cuff its wash and wear for now. LOL!!!!

This was my table set for dinner, only for the 4 of us.

See you all next year...have a happy new year.

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  1. looks like a fun yummy dinner and time together as family!