Wednesday, October 19, 2016

God is in Charge, not us

Around this time sunflowers are in full bloom and the beautiful rain keeps them looking happy. 

This time of the year is also a hectic one for most of us. Cleaning up and storing Summer furniture, removing the old Summer plants and planting mums throughout the house and yard, washing and storing Summer clothes, taking out Winter clothes, preparing the car for Winter, making sure our food storage and 72 hr. survival packs are packed and equipped for any emergency, cleaning and organizing the home and in between all this your community service and calling can take a devastating shot on your health.

I think God saw me doing it all and He felt I needed a on Monday I woke up very sick with a 24 hour flu bug. He knocked me down in bed with an intestinal flu that kept me for a full 24 hours in bed. Even though I felt miserable, I sure got a great rest and the next day I was ready to continue on with my work.

We as humans think were invisible, but we often forget that upstairs He runs every movement we take and when He sees us draining our limits, He refuels us to understand He is in charge. Thank you Lord for always watching over me.

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  1. good health is something we all take for granted...