Friday, September 16, 2016

A Seed Has Been Planted...A Good Harvest Has Come Forth

 Today I will blend together two area of life which requires good care and nourishment in order for them to grow.  Whenever we plant a seed, an herb, a vegetable, a flowering plant or a tree on the ground, it requires  rich good soil, vitamins and water in order for them to grow and produce a good harvest or flowers. We also spend much cleaning them off from bad leaves or bugs. Bad bugs destroy their growth and the ability for them to bring fourth a beautiful harvest.

 Just like a seed grows to become a beautiful plant, our testimonies of the gospel is a small seed that has been planted in our hearts and just like a plant it requires much time, nourishment and water to keep it from dying out. Our testimonies need to be watered with daily prayer. Praying every morning and every night allows us to keep our rich soil moist and tender for our seed to grow. We can nourish it by reading the scriptures and serving others in need. In other words loosing our selves in the joy of giving while feasting in the scriptures on a daily bases. And we clean and prune our testimonies by proclaiming its divinity and its truth. Telling others of the restored church and the love that Jesus gives us so we can someday become like Him.   

Plants and flowers are like us, a stem erected to stand tall and firm in the gospel. With stems that carry truth and knowledge through every birth. 

We are the flowers that bloom in God's precious garden, lets keep ourselves and our testimonies pure and strong...water it daily and pray often.

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