Friday, August 26, 2016

School Photos Are In

We sure miss the love of our family and the joy they bring us. Every moment I spend with my two grand-daughters is a treasure. Every year school pictures are brought to me, but I noticed that I did not get their school pictures from last year.

Well they came in a few weeks ago and I was thrilled to get them and to update the photo frames in my living room. Here are photos of them on how they looked last year and how they look this year. 

 Here is my grand-daughter Paloma before school started last year...age 15 to turn in September.

This Paloma today, next month she will be 17 years old and she is now looking into Universities to attend soon. She definite looks more studious with her new glasses

This is Natalia last year...14 years old.

This is Natalia today, soon to be 15 years old.

I just cannot believe children grow up so quickly. 
But we sure love them dearly.

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