Saturday, August 20, 2016

Personal Update and A Great Recipe

A quick update...

Hi everyone. 

I am so sorry I haven't posted anything lately. I have been suffering with a tremendous back, clavicle and shoulder pain. My pain is radiating from my vertebrate and down my left arm. I had an EMG done but it showed nothing on my back or shoulder.  On the 8th of September I will be seeing the surgeon because 2 pinched nerves may be causing this terrible pain and surgery may be my next step. I cannot do much with my left arm and sleeping at night is unbearable, thank God for pain meds. I will be updating you on my health in the near future, 

For now I wish to share with you a very delicious recipe I truly enjoy making a lot.

Grilled Temphes served on a bed of grilled veggies

Its been pretty hot here in Cleveland so making dinner has been a bit more on the grill. I have been grilling a lot and this was one of my favorite dinners.

I seasoned some temphes (a vegan chickpeas pressed protein slab that is super delicious) with some Adobo with pepper, olive oil and some non gluten flour for breading...then I lightly grilled it. On the side I marinated some veggies with Lima beans & onions in sofrito, adobo, olive oil, sazon & black pepper; it was then grilled and served for a great dinner. It was so good I ended up having two servings and about an hour later I had 2 homemade apple cookies for dessert.

Keep that grill burning!...enjoy the rest of the Summer.

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