Thursday, August 11, 2016

A Country Home To Love

Hi Everyone,

Well I am back home after a 7 day vacation with my family in P.A.

There is no greater time spent than spending quality time with your family. On the last day before returning home we got to visit my sister's country home. Her home is still in construction as you will see throughout the photos. My sister and her very handyman husband have converted this small 2 bedroom home that they paid $30,000 for, into a lovely country home. It needed a lot of work done but her husband is a super handy man and a master carpenter with wood, electricity, plumbing and an artist by nature. They both have done a great job on this home. Take a peek at these photos...their country home is so beautiful.

This is the kitchen. They got some raw unfinished cabinets and they spray painted them with speckled crackle spray paint in cream and brown. She then added black bear handles to the doors as handles. Here husband sliced a tree the long way and varnished them. Then he used them as border trims around all the windows in their home.

My brother in law placed large stones as the back splash.

He made this kitchen island from a tree trunk he cut down himself and sliced the tree the long way to become the table top, it was highly varnished about 6 times and now it is a beautiful piece that adorns the kitchen.

Every country kitchen needs a pot holder. My sister found this iron rack at a sale for a few dollars, she put it up and my brother in law put some lights on sure blended well with the island.

My brother in law is a artist in many ways and he is also a painter. He made their dining table and he then designed a grave sight on it with crosses, headstones and dead people hands coming out of the grave...its really cute and hilarious..

Here are the windows with their tree trims, it is so beautiful.

She found this small fireplace front at a thrift store and she placed it under the stairs with old lamp hoods and candles and with an old rocker its a great place to relax while watching television.

He made one wall in the living room from small wooden strips and then he hung the television in front of it.

She loves cats and bears so she has them all around her home.

My sister found this iron star and my brother in law put an electrical cord on it and a candle hood to light up their very small living room. My sister loves cranberries and she embellished the bottom base of the star to give it a country look.

I couldn't take a better picture of the bathroom but take a peak at the stones he put inside their shower. It looks fabulous.

My brother in law painted a picture of their 3 dogs and my sister made it into a coat rack.

And living in the Pocono Mountains means lots of land to enjoy.

Here is my family and I. My sister is next to my mom and her husband is the bold one with their only son next to him.

It was a wonderful week...hope to see you all soon.

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