Monday, July 18, 2016

Raising a Family

Constant busy days often prevents parents from spending quality time with their children.

Life is short and by the time we open our eyes our children are adults, yet parents tend to bind themselves constantly with so much to do for themselves and not for their children.  As I have observed the generation of today, I have noticed that work, meetings, church activities, out of town conferences, constant phone interruptions, computers, social media and caring for themselves instead of being there for their off spring, keeps parents more away from their children making it impossible for them to get to know what their children are doing and feeling. 

We as parents have been given the most precious gift God could ever give us in this life and we are counseled by spiritual leaders to not get ourselves so involved in so many other activities that may prevent us from being there for our family. The family is a sacred institution that needs watering constantly with love, affection, compassion, attention and time...quality time.

How much quality time are we spending with our family is the main question. I personally see very few parents taking the time to spend it with their children. It is not about money, social status or a bigger home or is all about family unity as one. Eating dinner together, sharing each others days, listening carefully to each others feelings, sharing your dreams and goals and being there when needed is all our children need.  Your children are your flowers and by making sure your family is a special one is being there for each other and share the love so your flowers can blooms and procreate throughout your garden. Add the vitamins they need to bloom uprightly.

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