Tuesday, July 12, 2016

From Photograph to Sketch

Art is a gift and it is a gift that is born inside many people that can see life and view events in a whole new window than everyone else. Some people express their art in paintings. hair creations, dance, nail design, sketching, home decor and in so many other forms of art; but no matter which type of art abilities you may have...it sure is a beautiful gift and it should be treasured. 

My grand-daughter Paloma is a great painter. Her paintings are displayed throughout her home, but this last week she decided to sketch for the first time her own face and I think she did a great job.

This is a photo of Paloma...

and this is the sketch version she did of herself.

I laughed when I saw her little stand up nose because she has my nose.
I think she did a good job in sketching herself.
Good job Paloma.

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  1. Talented grand daughter. Both of my grand daughters love to draw.