Sunday, June 26, 2016

Being Frugal is Not Being Cheap

As an extreme couponer I have over 40 bottles of body lotions and about 15 or 20 jars of expensive high end face creams and moisturizers that I got for free. But getting everything for free doesn't mean I should waste them. I am a very frugal lady I try to get everything I can out of those almost empty bottles & jars of creams and lotions. When my bottles of lotions are almost all emptied,  I turn them upside down for a few days to let all the inside contents go down to the opening of the bottles. Then I cut open the bottles with scissors and I get all the cream or lotion out of them.

  In the photo below you can see all the bottles and jars that were emptied out.

I then unite them all together into a bowl and then I mix them well. I got to fill 1 full jar from a few bottles of almost empty out lotions and creams. 

 Being frugal doesn't mean you are cheap, it just means you are smart to not waste or spend unnecessary money that can be used in other ways.

Be frugal and save money.

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