Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Emergency Preparedness...Part 2

Last Month our Emergency Preparedness was geared towards our 72 hour emergency backpack contents.  I posted all the medical supplies and personal papers that needed to be inside our emergency bags.

This month our 72 hour emergency backpack list continues, giving  you a list of the amount of food & water and the cooking supplies needed.

1. Make sure the food you insert inside your emergency bags are all light weight…example, instead of tuna or meat cans try purchasing the tuna and meat that comes already packed in a pouch and do the same for fruit and treats. Pouches or bags are lighter to carry than cans.

2. Pack only food items you like and food that will sustain you for 3 days. Try to make sure you have a good amount of nutritious carbohydrates, protein and vegetables. Also make sure these meals are ready to eat or lightly warm up foods only...remember this is only to sustain you for 3 days.

These are just a few photos of what I have in my backpack.

Recommended foods to pack:

-3 small peanut butter cups
-3 small ready to eat pouched of tuna fish & 3 pouches of meats
-3 packages of dried fruit or fruit in small cups
- 1 packages of fruit roll ups
-3 small boxes of raisins
-2 small ready to eat pouches of rice
- 2 small ready to eat pouches of pasta & 2 small boxes of soups
-6 small plastic bottled water 
-3 small boxed juices
-several small packages of condiments (salt & pepper) like the small packages you get from McDonald’s
-3 or 4 "small" ready to eat pouches or canned vegetables of your choice
-2 small packaged cheese
-3 protein bars
-camping cooking pots with utensils

All of these items are essential to have inside every backpack you prepare. Some of these items you may already have them somewhere inside your homes.

-small tea candles or camping fire candles or fire logs & matches. 

(to put under your cooking stove)
 -3 small boxes of matches, 2 small boxes of waterproof matches and 1 butane fire lighter

You can also include in your fire gear 2 baggies full of dryer lint, dryer lint is great to start a fire 

If you do not have any of these items, please try to gather them as soon as possible. 

For April"s purchase of the month I suggest buying:

Camping cookware with utensils 

& waterproof fire logs, You can find them in any camping store.

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