Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Emergency Preparedness...Part 1

 Emergency preparedness is so necessary. This month I want to share with you a list of needs that are essential to have on hand inside every 72 hour emergency backpack.
First, it is very important that we all have copies of all our important personal & legal papers for every person that resides in the  home. I do advice that once these papers are copied they should be shrunk to a smaller size in order to fit either in a small binder, a medium size cosmetic bag or quart size Ziploc bag. Shrinking the size of these papers uses less space inside your backpack.
These are the important papers you should have copied and shrunk:
-Living will
-Healthcare living will & medical living will
-Power of attorney papers
-Car titles
-Social Security cards & birth certificate
-Marriage or divorce papers
-inheritance lists & Driver's license
-Life insurance policies
-House mortgage & home insurance papers
-Health care insurance policies
-Rental Car, apt. or house insurance policies and rental agreements or leases
-All cemetery papers & plot deeds
with identifying plot registration numbers  
-Funeral Home “planning” papers and funeral "purchases" planning contracts
-Funeral programs
-Health insurance cards
-A list of all our doctors names, address & phone no.
-Personal list of health problems with all surgeries we may have had and allergies we suffer from.
 -Lists of medicines we take & any important medical results and diagnosis should also be included.
-Name of banks with account numbers and any other information like other people's names who are in authority to write checks, make deposits and withdraws. Also include in these papers 6 withdraw & 6 deposit slips
-List of Utilities with phone numbers & account numbers.
-A list of all the website s you need to enter into with your usernames & passwords.
Credit Cards
-A list of all your credit cards names, addresses, phone numbers & account numbers.
-Some amount of cash in small bills (ones & fives) to use if needed.
Here are the items you need to gather for your backpack:
Medical needs:
-(10) adhesive band aids (various sizes)
-(4) 5x9 inch sterile dressings
-(2) conforming roll gauze
-(4) triangular bandages
-(4) 3x3 sterile gauze
-(4) 4x4 sterile gauze
-(12) cotton balls
-(1) small roll of cotton
-(1) roll cohesive bandage
-(2) small germicidal hand wipes or alcohol base hand sanitizer
-(10) antiseptic wipes 
-(4 or 6) medical grade latex gloves
-(6) tongue depressors
-(1) roll of medical adhesive tape
-(12) small (squares) antibacterial ointment  
(12) small (square) antibacterial wipes
-(2) instant cold packs
-(2) instant hot packs
-1 ace bandage
1 soft elbow brace
-1 soft knee brace
-1 soft shoulder brace
-(1) small pair of scissors
-(1) tweezers
-1 small bottle of eye drops
-1 small tube of diapers rash cream
-1 small tube of poison ivy cream
-1 small anti itch cream 
-(12) assorted size safety pins
-(1) oral thermometer
-(1) small tube of petroleum jelly
-(1) sunscreen lotion
(1) Deet mosquito repellent lotion or Avon Skin so Soft bath oil spray
(This Avon bath oil is the best mosquito repellent)
-(1) CPR breathing barrier, such as a face shield
-(1) first aid manual & a small first aid kit
-(1) bottle of aspirins and (1) non aspirin pain reliever
-(1) small bottle of liquid antacid or Tums tablets
-1 small box of Alka Seltzer
-1 small box of allergy pills
- several assorted vitamins (enough for 3 days)
-1 small tube of muscle rub
-(1) small package of laxatives
-personal prescriptions-enough for 3 days

  And everything fits well in quart size Ziploc bags and inside my backpack. Part of surviving any emergency is being prepared.

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  1. good reminder, I have most of this but not all.