Saturday, February 27, 2016

Home Organization...Part 3

Well here at home the organization continues. This Monday I tackled my bedroom closet. For some reason I think the bunnies come out when I am sleeping and they mess up my closets all the time. But I really needed to purge out clothes I wasn't using and really organize this closet. So I did. This is the bulging closet full of stuff and I could not even enter into it.

What a mess

too many toss pillows and so much stuff I did not need

So I organized all the gift wrapping paper, boxes and ribbons in one container, nice right.

And all the fabric pieces I wanted to keep went in one container

Up they went, out of the way.

Then I got rid of 4 trash bags full of clothes I did not wear anymore and now my clothes could breath and not get wrinkled from the compression of so many clothes.

They are now organized by like color, so now I can find the item I want by finding the color I need.

Got rid of 6 toss pillows and the others only took 1 small shelf.

Look at all the empty hangers...fabulous!

Nice organization for my purses, all in 3 drawer bin, 1 for wallets and cosmetic bags, 1 for purses and the other for large purses and clothes bags.

All my hair stuff in one 3 drawer bin.

And all the blankets and some bedspreads in one container... Now I can walk in the closet easily, I am in happy.

One more task completed.

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