Monday, January 18, 2016

Emergency Preparedness...A Much Needed Tool

One important thing we must try to be prepared for is for an unexpected emergency. We never think bad times will happen to us or our country, but think again? may be coming? 

We often get so involved in all that the world has to offer in having a good time, that we rarely think of being prepared for an emergency or to even have a 72 hour emergency grab and go bag in a moment of need.

To help spread the voice concerning emergency preparedness, I will be posting once a month a much needed item to have inside an emergency preparedness bag. For this month of January I want to show you my emergency 8 in one hatchet that I got for $8.00 many years ago through an emergency distributing website called Emergency Essentials here's the link...

Here is my 8 in one hatchet.

On one side there are some needed tools and on the other side there's a few more...check it out.

This is the hatchet on the back end of the handle there is a knob you turn and in it is fish string and hooks for fishing with a compass, sorry I forgot to photograph that part.

On side one there's a bottle opener

a wrench and a hammer on the other end

turn the hatchet over and there's a nail puller

a saw blade 

 and a hatchet

8 tools in one and the hatchet is all made in a light weight iron which is not so heavy in weight.

Just check out the website above and check out many of their store items, especially their clearance area.

Next month I will post another much needed item for your emergency grab and go bag.

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