Friday, December 4, 2015

Taring Down the Kitchen, For The New Kitchen...Part 1

Well after years of dying to redo my kitchen, my dreams finally came true.
This last Tuesday my old kitchen was torn down to make way for a nicer new kitchen.
This is the ugly kitchen before taring it down...those cabinets have been my nightmare for the past 8 years...yuk!

And the demolishing of those cabinets was a joy for me.

And this is my living room now. Everything that goes in those kitchen cabinets are all in my living room...what a mess.

Can't wait till its all done.


  1. wow what a mess, reminds me of when we put new carpet in our bedroom, then the office-oh my!

  2. yes Lin it is now a mess, but the new kitchen will be worth the mess any time. I am not used to having a messy or unorganized home and having this small mess for the moment is driving me crazy.