Sunday, November 22, 2015

Are We Drowning or Surviving?

Another day, another outlook on life.

As many of us feel as if we are drowning in life's everyday confrontations and trials, many others fight greater battles while they are trying to stay afloat from drowning.

For the past 30 years life as blown me some very strong battles to fight. When I was barely 38 years old my youngest son was diagnosed with cancer at the tender age of 12. Then 6 months later I had to undergo a serious brain surgery to correct a vein that was ready to explode and as I was being prepared for that surgery I received a call that my oldest son had a serious football accident on the football field. He had crushed his elbow in three pieces and needed immediate surgery and they needed me to sign his surgery papers. The nurse brought upstairs the papers for me to sign so my son could have his surgery. He was on the 2nd floor and I was on the 4th floor getting ready for my brain surgery...while my youngest son was at University Hospital undergoing aggressive chemotherapy. 

My surgery had to be rescheduled. Then 2 weeks layer as both my sons were home recuperating I went into surgery with a heart full of faith and a prayer under breath. My surgery was suppose to be only 5 hours long but it ended up being 16 hours long. Nine days after being in ICU I had to be taken again into surgery because I developed an internal hemorrhage of the brain. Another 17 hours under the knife to perform that surgery...but in less than 24 hours from being taken out of surgery and into ICU... I was rushed back into surgery for another 9 hours of surgery to remove a blood clot I had developed after falling into a coma.

I had been given 24 to live once I came out of the third surgery, but by the miracle of God among so many prayers and blessing, I awoke from the coma. Though I couldn't speak because of the respirator down that was down my throat, a thumbs up or down was enough for me to communicate with everyone. 

As I slowly recuperated I received divorce papers in the mail. Four big blows all within 7 months. I don't know how I did it but I survived. I kept prayer as my main focus among all the turmoil, and even though I was drowning...I never died.

Having our lamps filled with oil at all times allows us to overcome many trials and tribulations in life. Though I am still receiving many blows in life, more than anyone can imagine... none of them were more greater and more painful than losing my son.  I lost my baby boy just 1 year after my surgery and 2 months after my divorce. My son's death was my hardest blow, my divorce was not. 

I am here with God by my side. He can help anyone to be strong while fighting 1, 2 or 10 battles all at once.

He is the miracle worker and He lives!

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  1. you are an inspiration to the power of faith and prayers....hang in there....